Christmas paintings 🎄

Day 17.
Catching up .. "San Enrique matecaos" - a typical candy at the Christmas time in Spain. I wanted to practice the plastic stretched over the box and painted it with oils on oil paper (Fabriano), 20 x30 cm. The palm tree earlier post is also painted with oil paints on oil paper.

I love your palm trees. We have a couple as part of our nativity scene. What a great idea to include them as one of your paintings.

Your plastic over the candies is perfect.
Christmas with palm trees… in my dreams! The plastic wrap looks exact like plastic wrap and those candies aren’t getting any younger, yum! Such impressive work!
Day 18.
Local Christmas Baking, the dark middle is plum jam. Painting from life. 30x40 cm, oil on self prepared canvas.

Anne, Wayne and Donna, thank you for your comments! 🎅🎄🌴
Wonderful additions to the lineup! I am really liking the casual green sweeps of the brushwork on "San Enrique matecaos" - makes it pop.
What an enjoyable series this is. ❤️
Just catching up. I just love your festive paintings. I can't pick a favourite, I'm really enjoying the variety. 🙂
Day 19.
This miniature bell 🔔 is an oil painting on paper. Max five brush strokes per palette draw, 45 min painting time, no premixing. Painting from life, model hanging in our Christmas tree 🤭.

Thank you, Arty, Terri, Bongo and Triduana, for your comments!
Wow these are such a pleasure to see, Moscatel, and you are so dedicated to doing them. The bell and pine cone are so good and the apples are just masterful! They are really something!
Jo, Anne, Arty and Donna, thank you so much for your comments!
The following posts will probably be the last ones this month. The future months I might find other projects. Happy Holidays everyone and special thank you for those who wrote a comment!