Read about Creative Spark.

Creative Spark is a discussion community forum for artists of every breed. All creative people are welcome to register for an account. This is a new site and we ask you to exercise patience while we iron out the bugs. These are expected in the case of any new website.

While this forum is moderated for decorum, we are not fond of artistic censorship. However, this is not a place to debate politics, religion, moral standards, or your views on how society should operate according to your worldview. Threads or posts made to provoke such infighting will be swiftly ended. No trolling.

New members must be approved prior to fully registering for the purpose of catching spam. Once approved, anyone may post images, but we do ask that you first introduce yourself in the Welcome Forum.

All members have the ability to start their own threads and post as many images and as much text as their heart desires. We ask that you don’t come here for conspicuous self-promotion or post your own poetry in the Literature Forum, but do feel free to make your website and contact info known in your signature.

If you have any suggestions for new subforums or any other feedback, please post it in the Site Announcements and Technical Discussions Forum where other important information is located.

More info will be posted to this page as we get settled in. Thank you for your patience and participation. Have fun!