Medicine Dan - Newest Artist's Book

Bound the first book today.




Hopefully, the rest will turn out a little better. This one is a little rough because I had to do it twice :( But it definitely looks like a "handmade" book. :ROFLMAO:

Should be getting the plexi boxes on Wednesday.

Happy New Year everyone. Time for me to take a break from this.
WoW! Way cooler than I could imagine. You should include a pair of white cotton gloves in the plexi box. This is next level keep-sake.
Thank you Bongo and Terri. I appreciate that! Just seven more of these to go. Not sure if my fingers can do more than one a day, but it's still finished earlier than I expected. :)
Now that I'm finished with that Runaway Cakes drawing, I'm back to trying to finish this book. I thought I'd give you all some more little sneak peeks at a couple more pages:

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This last one is of the "dummy" book to show what the buttonhole binding looks like. This was done with simple typing paper, but the point of this binding is to show the decorative paper that covers all the signatures.

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Thanks for sharing all the details. I love your books.
Love this! It's so professional looking. Your patience is amazing and it shows in your work. ❤️ ❤️
Thank you Terri, thank you Donna, thank you Jennie, and thank you sno. You have all been so supportive.

I have been trying to bind another this morning...I realized the first one I bound was not bound correctly (I missed a loop in the stitching.) I may have to redo it, but the #1 book is mine, so it's not totally necessary. The one I bound today, I accidentally poked two holes in a couple of pages where they don't belong. :( I'm debating if I need to redo those sheets now. When Hannah wakes up, I'll ask her if she thinks it's a big deal. Of course, it bothers me. But maybe not enough to have to redo those pages. Not sure. Maybe I'll snap a pic and ask all of you.
After some debate and sleep, I decided that those little holes on those sheets were really not such a big deal after all. Plus, Hannah told me to take a bone folder and push down the "spurs" on the paper, and they look a lot less noticeable. So, I moved forward and bound the rest, and they are finished.


The clear boxes arrived late yesterday, and I opened one. The books fit perfectly! The only thing left is making little straps around the book so they can be taken out of the box (because they are pretty snug in there).

I bought white ribbon and cool buttons, but the buttons won't arrive until the weekend. The other end of the strap are hair bands. I'll just have to show them to you when I make one. Too hard to explain. ;)
Thank you very much Donna. I appreciate that. ♥️ I will try to get the finishing touches done this week and post the final pics. :)
Looking good. I’m sure your hard work will get you some well deserved gratification. I don’t mean financial only but to see someone actually love what you have done. That is special.
Thank you very much Donna. I appreciate that. ♥️ I will try to get the finishing touches done this week and post the final pics. :)
I'm excited to see them! This has been such an awesome project. I love how each cover is slightly different - no two are identical. Excellent work, Ayin! ❤️
Wayne, Terri, Sno, you are too kind to me. I appreciate what you say and I'm starting to be proud of this now, now that they are pretty done. I mean, they are done. I've been waiting for those buttons I ordered from Etsy so I can make the straps. So, I'm being held up again. They were supposed to be here, but the seller didn't send them until yesterday. Now the person who bought the first book can't get his until sometime at the end of next week when I'm back from out of town. Oh well.

In the meantime, I made a page on my website to sell them (without all the pictures there) and also on the Press site here.