Christmas paintings 🎄

Day 11.
"3 White Candles", 18x24 cm (8x9.5 in), oil on oil paper clued on board.
I painted this at the beach house, found the sea shells at the beach, that's why they are in the setup with candles - just quickly mounted setup. I was after candle wax texture.

Terri, Donna, thank you so much!
these are nice but a drop from your level of work. Sometimes we lose our moment by thinking of the finish line before the journey has had a chance to evolve. Looking forward to your next creation.
Wayne, 👍 thanks for checking my latest posts!

I'll take now a short break in posting but might post some more close to Christmas.
Nice ones, Moscatel - I like how you're creating little still lifes from all of these festive things. Not only do you have to create the "things" but you come up with good backgrounds too. You deserve a break but if there are more coming I'll be excited to see them.
Your output here has been impressive. I love the thick texture on those candles, as well as the shadows. These have been delightful! What a great project. ❤️
These are fun and beautiful. I like the first one for the season. The pomegranate one is so nice. I love red. I like the antique items and comp in the "pink" one. Boy was I behind, I was commenting on the first page!
I really like the bells, especially the one you say you are keeping. Beautiful poinsettias. (I love red, did I say that?) Pretty candles and sweet candy. Looks like you are having fun!!
Day 14.
Christmas challenge continues ... thank you Jo, Terri, Puapka and Donna for encouraging comments 🙏

This is a Snowman (also a candle) painting from life. Size: 18x24 cm, oil on mdf board.
These are so beautiful. What a lovely way to celebrate Christmas. Enjoy the painting and thanks for sharing these lovely paintings.
Day 16.
This small painting is a painting from life and my plastic object of belen bought from Spain. i wouldn't find a model like this here in the north. We have more elfs, santas and stuff. I'm a big fan of palm trees so it was fun to paint.

Arty, Jo, Anne, Wayne & Donna, thank you so much! Love to read your comments! (y)
Maybe next yr -24 I'll make this as an official challenge in order to get more ppl to post.