crimbus cards


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ok so i thought moscatel's thread christmas paintings was a general use thread for anyone who will make something christmas themed, but then i reread and i noticed its challenge they started for themselves, and really general christmas art thread would be kind of difficult to start given the nature of forum categories. Thinking im gonna post them also in that thread i made 3 (so far) crimbus cards for my friends to make gifts more personalized (and maybe soften the blow if the present isnt fitting so they wont kill me for being a terrible friend and person oh god events like chrismas are so extremely stresful to me bc there are so many social rules i dont understand, but worst case theyll kill me, which cant be that bad i figured) anyway here are the cards

these are chronologically in order i made them, the format is 12,5x18 cm i believe so its pretty small, thats why maybe acrylics maybe werent best call as painting on such a tiny format is rough, i also didnt have super original ideas, but i tried to channel that energy forced onto us durig christmas market preparation in art school

theres still more to paint i know more than 3 people after all, but i dont have small format anymore, might do something on bigger one but card format feels less formal, bigger stuff would demand a frame esp if good idk

i will say that the sky gradient is more pleasing irl in all of those, taking photos of paintings is so weird bc it distorts them so much more than drawnings, ayway thats it, i said my piece enjoy, or dont, or idk

All wonderful. I thought moscarel’s tread iwas open as well when I first read it. Now you got your own and that’s not bad. Really like the intense colorings for Christmas. The bottom one wins hands down. So peaceful and yet so Nobel. Great work.
I think you did great on this small format! They are all bright and cheerful. I love the rat in the hat! :)

A gentle reminder...please refrain from using shortcuts and abbreviations in your posts. ;) Thanks!
I love these, especially the mouse-rat one. I can't tell the differences between mice and rats very often. But I love that one most because it its little hat. These have a lot of charm in a cool way. I love them all, really. You have more than three friends; what's that like? :ROFLMAO:
Found myself struggling what to depict even, I'm not how i can visually show what crimbus is to me. Im not a fan of abrahamic gods, but i dont want to just use commercialized imagery either, maybe i should read on solstice and saturnalia? For now i made 2 more. Festive demiruge and an anime reference that recipient will understand, enjoy.