Inktober 2023

On to day 18, saddle.

20231017Sk9 Old Bike Seat (Inktober 17-Saddle).png
Great, Anne! We have an exercise bike, so no spring on that.
Joy, I can see I should have done an exercise bike seat instead. It would have been easier!

Here's day 19, Plump.

20231017Sk9 Pillows on Sofa (Inktober 19-Plump).png
Anne, your angel fish is a delight. Your devil, well, devilish. I'm smiling.
Joy, good job on your demon. Great lines.

I didn't do a demon or devil. Personal dislike for evil. I sketched in the BookFactory sketchbook with an Acurite 03 pen.
Day 18 Saddle - my nephew's saddle he won for bareback riding.

Jo, I don't like evil either. That's why I hunted for a reference that wasn't really a devil. Beautiful work on the saddle and congratulations to your nephew. Now he will be able to use a saddle. ;)
Here's mine for Day 20, Frost. This was a challenge to come up with a way to draw frost with pen and ink. I finally decided to do a very small study of frost on barbed wire. Reference image was from Pixabay or Pexels.

20231019Sk9 Frost on Barbed Wire (Inktober 20-Frost).png
Anne your saddle and plump are so fine. You do such beautiful hatching and shading. Applause. Oh and clever way to do frost. Love it.....

I sketched on my computer off facetime In the BookFactory sketchbook with a Micron 01
Day 19 plump - me (crossposted to the Scavenger Hunt from Life 88, same prompt)


Evidently I didn't hit send so here is Day 20 Frost in an Ohuhu sketchbook with Acurit 03 and Piochoo brush tip pen.

Day 20 frost - Jack Frost character in "A Touch of Frost" mystery on PBS. Older show. Curmudgeon of a character.

Jo, clever clogs you! Hubby recognized Frost from several meters away. We watch British mysteries (and other foreign) almost exclusively, and have seen thousands. Frost is one of our faves. The other series I bought and sold after watching. We watched Frost again last year (don't think we saw all of the original ones as they aired). It was so enjoyed that I kept the box set to watch again someday. Incredible likeness!
I've forgotten to post a few times too. At least it doesn't go away and you can just post next time you are online.

Good ones Jo. We watch British mysteries too but I don't remember ever seeing Jack Frost. Good self portrait too Jo.
Joy and Anne, thank you both. Fun doing those, but don't we always look serious or angry in self portraits. At least for me.... We have watched most PBS and British series of mysteries. I like them all. Favorite of all times is Foyle's War about a policeman during World War II. Endeavor and Morse are up there, too. We have purchased a few but now we have good internet we've been streaming from Acorn and Brit Box.
Jo, seen all of the above and more! Our baud speed is not really fast, but we get a lot from TV. The last several years I have been getting series on DVD from the library. They expanded their reach and can get anything.
Joy, we used the library for books on tape and cds for our traveling. Good source.

I sketched in the bookfactory sketchbook with a Micron 02
Day 21 Chains Had a hard time with the twisted one, shudda used a pencil under. Ha.
Jo, you outdid yourself with the chains. Fantastic!

I have had a busy week so my chains are very simple but I didn't want to get behind.

20231019Sk9 Old Chain Links (Inktober 20-Chains).png
Anne, I love the shading on your chain. Perfect texture.
Jo, amazing you did so many. I like the bike type chain best. (Hope there in no hidden basement dungeon with all of those chains!) ;)
Day 22 Scratchy


A back scratcher that extends . My friend Sue, gave it to me to use as a mahl stick. Only a dollar at the dollar store compared to about $20 or more for a "real" art mahl stick. Cross posting to Scavenger Hunt from Life 88 for gift from a friend.
Jo, back scratcher for Scratchy. Perfect and well done too.

Here's mine, poison ivy.

20231020Sk9 Poison Ivy (Inktober 22-Scratchy).png
Anne, loved the scratchy, I'm grinning. Celestial is a clever idea. I didn't sketch today, will have to double up in the morning.

I decided to do a quick one before bed. Inktober Day 23 Celestial, Micron 02, Zig Millennium and Wexford Brush tip pens.

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