Inktober 2022


For day 22 'heist', featuring an art burglar with loaded bag from the MMOA, using black Uniball Vision Elite pen on Masters sketchbook.

9x6 ink using black India ink applied with a chopstick. Prompt for day 23 is 'booger' so I sketched this booger man, designed to scare everyone. This is on Canson paper 140 lb cold press.
Booger Man.jpg
Day 20: Cow parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris)

I have a cold at the moment and I'm feeling tired a lot. You can probably tell in the drawing that I went from right to left and ran out of energy halfway through 😄

Strawberries are great, we even have them in the wild here in Iceland.
Todays prompt was not very inspiring imo but I set myself the challenge to use the original ones, so for better or worse, here is my day
23. Booger...
Not a self portrait I like to add.
E.J.H. your heist made me smile. The booger one too.

Kay, I like your tool idea!

Triduana, sorry you aren't feeling well. It doesn't seem to be slowing you down.

Day 23 - We had rain today so I stayed inside and did a still life. I used an orange micron pen, my Lamy pen with Noodler's brown ink, and assorted acrylic inks.

E.J.H. nice sketch of the fairy...glad he wasn't outside with me. Nice black feathers on the bird.

Kay, I'm not a fan of coconut but those look really yummy.

Day 25 sketched at Frank Melville Park in East Setauket.


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Great sketches!!! Glad ya'll are keeping it up.....I will try to get in on these last days .....feel the desire welling up!!!:p