Inktober 2023

Nice Jo. Glad you were able to get one up.

Here's mine for Day 24: Shallow. My idea is a shallow pasta bowl. I found this prompt challenging to come up with an idea for shallow.

20231020Sk9 Plate of Spaghetti (Inktober 24-Shallow).png
Thanks, we have egrets by the ponds a lot. The ponds are low after the long hot summer, we need rain.
Wonderful pen drawings from all of you! I never had time to do Inktober this year, but Im realy enjoying all your awesome drawings. incredible that you are all posting a ink drawing every day! Well done to you all!
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Vivien, thank you for stopping in. It is good to see you. Inktober takes a lot of time, but I usually sketch everyday anyway and mostly with ink so not hard to do, hard to post every day, though. As you know, I post mostly on the Scavenger Hunts, Pastel and Plein Air. I've been doing some watercolor, but that is like homework and not very often.
Vivien, good to see you. I'm glad you are enjoying the Inktober sketches. I think the participants keep each other going. I don't want to be the one that misses! ;)

Here's mine for dangerous. I enjoy reading historical novels and every so often there is a duel using a pair of pistols like this one.

20231021Sk9 Antique Pistol (WDE, Inktober 25-Dangerous).png
Anne, wow, love your dangerous dueling pistol.

We often sketch knives, box cutters and scissors on the Hunts and they always look dangerous to me. Even a letter opener or the cutter unopened.
Day 25 Dangerous a box cutter.

Jo, good job. I agree about boxcutters and letter openers. They are both dangerous when the blade is exposed.
Jo, good one for "Remove."

I had a busy day yesterday so I have two for today.

Day 26 - Remove
20231024 Opening the Peanut Butter (Inktober 26-Remove).png

Day 27 - Beast (Highland Cow, also posted in October Animal Challenge)

20231025Sk9 Highland Cow (Animal & Wildlife, Inktober 27-Beast).png
Anne, aww, love the hands removing the lid on the peanut butter. I love drawing hands, wish I had thought of that! Beautiful. Your Highland Cow is so cute, must be a young one. Thanks for a cow, love them.

I did a quickie for Day 27 Beast photo from the internet.

Very nice Jo. Sometimes we need to do a quickie to get caught up.

We are almost through the month. We can make it! Only a few more to go.
Anne, awww, so clever on the sparkle. Beautiful eagle.

I sketched a toy. It supposed to be a seal.
sequin covered. Sketched with the Piochoo and Wexford dual tipped pens and a Gelly Roll for the highlights. (It doubles for a toy in the Scavenger Hunt, I'll post a photo there.

Works for me Jo. I saw your photo and I think you did a pretty good job of capturing the sparkle.