Inktober 2023

Thanks Jo.
wonderful job Scamall
My attempt. Ink digital ,on procreate

1 day.
My attempt for day 2 , 3 and 5 for birdstogether and Paul Bird my attempt bonus from
birdstogether #brownthrasher
with Shannon : @parrotscarrots also @djparrotscarrots , all wonderful photo by Shannon, great artist, great photographer .

And day 1 , dream for inktober 2023 in draw Number 3.

2023-10-05 18-40.jpeg

2023-10-05 18-40 1.jpeg
Scamail, your sketches all rock. Love the dream!! Path and map, well all!

joe1lt, excellent. You made me smile.
Day 5 map and Day 6 golden (golden retriever) (bonus protein bar for Scavenger Hunt86)

Anne, I love your Dodge. I need practice on cars. I can never see the lines with the curved fenders, etc. You captured it well.
Thanks Jo. I feel it looks a little squished but my art teacher felt it may just have been that the tires were a little small.

Scamall, love your drawings so far. Your bad dream is hilarious although from my perspective the spiders would fill that prompt too.

Great one for dodge. I thought about dodging something but didn't have any ideas of how to show it in the drawing. You came up with a very creative one.

Don't worry about whether you get them all or not, just have fun with them.

Joe, I like how you came up with ways to use birds for several of the prompts. I especially like the Paul Bird one. Birdtober works for me!

Jo, great ideas and sketches for map and golden. Nice "bonus" too.
Day 5 - Map. After doing this I am sure I don't want to be a cartographer!
20231005Sk5 Interstate Map (Inktober).jpg

I love Golden Retrievers so there was no question what I would draw for day 6.

20231006Sk5 Golden Retriever Puppy (Inktober).jpg
Great Scamall. I love what you came up with for both of these.
Anne, you made me smile with the cryptographer comment! Good map and love the
Golden Retriever.

Scamall, clever finds. The fish and water is so nice. Fun golden!

We have a big day so may not get a sketch in until late.....
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Im loving all these Inktober drawings! Ive had a try at Inktober previous years only getting through the first week or two. Havent really got time this year, but throughly enjoying everone's Ink drawings, Jo, Anne, Scamall, and Joe.
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Scamall, neat one for toad. I was debating about toadstool or actual toad but you kind of got both in.

Jo, good catch-up. I like your drip and toad.

I will have to play catch up tomorrow. I got reading a good book and had to finish it first.
Goodness, you have sure been busy! I did comment on some others that were also posted here under Monthly Art Prompts - AME.

Joe, I really love the detail on the birds. We see them daily at our feeder and these are excellent.

Here is mine. #29 Massive. Done in Intense/Ink on Strathmore Visual Journal 140CP, 8 x 10. Still getting the hang of the Inktense.

Thanks, all.
Scamal, I like your bounce. Loads of movement. I'm smiling.

Joy, oh my, your massive is amazing. Such a good job on the elephants. Still smiling.

I did a real quickie for Day 9, supposed to be a kid jumping on a trampoline. Looks like an old, old man! Too lazy for a do-over.

Scamall, love your bounce. There is so much movement here.

Joy, I love your massive. What a great idea. You are doing very well with the inktense.

Jo, I like your bounce and your comment. You sure got the action, even if he is a little old to be jumping up and down on a trampoline. Maybe he is training for Cirque du Soleil.

I decided today was going to be my catch-up day so some of these are pretty quick sketches. I even did tomorrow's.

Day 8 - Toad (This is about 5"x6". I think this is really a frog but don't tell anyone!)

20231008Sk5 Frog (Inktober 8-Toad).png

Day 9 - Bounce (about 3.5" x 5")
20231009Sk9 Ball (Inktober 9-Bounce).png

Day 10 - Fortune (about 3.5"x5")
20231010Sk9 Coins (Inktober 10-Fortune).png