Inktober 2022

Day 26, Ego
Good work everyone!
I've fallen massively behind now, but this is the furthest I've ever got so I'm feeling pretty good about that. I'll keep on going with my little project, but it's difficult for me to fit everything in at the moment.
I wish I could comment on all, as there is so much excellence and variety!

Kay M, all of your botanicals are always excellent. And the scurry mouse is adorable.
Kay (Smith) - Amazing that you could do so much daily that was so well drawn.

Now that I seemed to have picked all of the Kays. . .

Robin - Great tractor. That must have been very tedious.
Joan - Your urban sketches are so inspiring.

This is with a biro, or ballpoint pen, which I have never done before. It is on Canson 140CP watercolor paper sketchbook, 7 x 9. The reason it is a peach and yellow color with some scoring was b/c I had tried a challenge for another thread of some pumpkins on that paper. The attempt was so terrible I wiped the paint away and just thought I would do this quickly (for me, anyway) for Inktober and the Wildlife Challenge. It took less than 90 minutes.

E.J.H. I'm glad someone is thinking of healthy snacks.

Kay, I love your uh-oh idea for a sketch!

Robin, did you say pancakes??? I haven't had any in several years.

Joy, thanks. Fun critter sketch!!

Day 27 is a unicorn scarecrow decorating a tree in Bellport. They have people create them to decorate the town all month and then
people vote on their favorite.
1027 unicorn scarecrow.jpeg

Day 28 is a sketch of the woods at Avalon Park sketched using a twig and a bottle of ink.
1028 avalon inktober.jpeg

Day 29 was done during an outdoor workshop in Times Square with Ian Fennelly from the UK. This is an unfinished sketch because there wasn't enough time to complete it on site. I will post the completed one below this. I added more color, details, and tones at home.



Day 30 was sketched today in Mattituck along the train tracks. This building was strange...none of the windows or doors ended at the same levels.

Oooooh, drawing with a twig sounds like fun,....yours looks nice

Here dinner is ready but hubby is snoozing....usually as soon as the sketchbook comes out he wakens but not this time. This is some some new ink I just got. It very nice Robert Oster Fire and blue, very nice
Robin, love the sketch. That is a great ink color...a nice subtle blue.

Kay, good job on the gear shift, but you know how I'm drawn to old barns!
Can't comment individually, but congrats on all the great Inktober sketches. I love pen and ink......