Birch and Daylily & Birch and Bluebells


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Cross posted from WC, Different Strokes Oct 21. Here are two I attempted to get a bit of Van Gogh feeling. (Unfortunately I did not have any medium.) Both are 12" x 16" acrylic on stretched canvas.
2021-10 8 WC Van Gogh.jpg

And the second
Cindy, I really like these! I'm really impressed with your birch tree with the daylily. The bark looks great! It's totally different from your second one, which is much more stylized.

Both your daylily and bluebells are very sweet to look at.

Nice work!
I love both of these. Especially the flowers and the texture of the bark. :)
I like both of these, especially the first one. This is a wonderful last reminder of summer here in Northeast US. Fall is here.
There's something very fresh and fun about both of these, and I absolutely love the way you've painted the tree bark in the second piece.