Encaustic / Oil Buddhas


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This is an encaustic diptych I did years ago as part of a series, all based on a little carved wood Buddha figure I bought for my stepdad. This two-panel piece is one of only a few that survived my various moves and storage unit clean outs, etc. I had around 30 small panels that are now lost. It's sad to think they may have ended up in the trash, so I'd like to think they're still out there, being appreciated by whoever bid on the storage unit. :LOL:

I do still have these two panels, but this is an old photo of it, a bit blurry. One of these days I'll make a cradle frame for them and take a proper picture. As an aside that doesn't have much to do with anything, I had posted some of the other Buddha paintings on WC before they got lost, and I tried searching around to find some, but it's a pretty hot mess over there, and I wasn't able to find anything going back that far. I DO still have the Buddha figure, so I can just do another series, if I want.


Sometimes I Wonder, Sometimes I Wander
9 x 24 in (each panel 9 x 12in), Encaustic and oil stick on birch panel


And to avoid posting a whole new thread for it, I'm adding my favorite of the Buddha series, and what is currently my profile pic. This is the only photo I have of it (I think), and the dimensions are inaccurate. It was a square canvas, and the original painting included the whole figure, this photo has the feet cropped out. It was the first painting I made using only a palette knife.

Carving Out Time, 9 x 9in, oil on canvas



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These are really cool, but I love the colorful one (the second one). It has an intriguing style to it--the scrapes and technique are quite compelling. Well done. I hope to see more. ♥️
What a beautiful series these encaustics must have been! So sorry you've lost them over time, but we all know how unending moving can be. I bet these two are wonderful to see in person. Encaustic is one of those things I'm afraid to try because I'm sure I'd get totally drawn in! :LOL: Love these!

Your oil painting is so beautiful - love this palette of blue and orange. Good knife work for a first attempt.

Wonderful work here! ❤️