Therapy 1 and Therapy 3: The Garage


Xie posted some "art therapy" collage paintings in another forum and it got me thinking about some work I did that I'd consider to be made strictly as therapy. They are colored pencil pieces, 24 x 18 inches on paper.


The colors give an overall pleasant ambiance at first impression, but a viewer (me) will put that on hold until some of the words and symbols are sorted out

I was happy to find that while a lot suggested struggles of some kind, it has a sorta 'happy ending' and was not a clever trap to disguise some repugnant or morbid story as some twisted individuals would try to accomplish.

I also feel that a lot of time was involved, but then maybe you did them quickly.
Love these Arty! I could sit and look them over for hours. So you don't like peas or lima beans? :ROFLMAO:
Sno! I can't believe you found that. I don't remember writing that, but yes, I don't like canned peas or lima beans. I'd tell that to my dad over and over and he would keep forgetting. Thank you for your great comments.

Trier, I did these quickly. Thanks for your input. :)

Thanks for the love, Nufocus.
A lot going on here, Arty! Full of action and full of talk. I suspect they are personal too. You have quite the imagination.
Thank you trufflecat and PSA. Yes, art as therapy is more personal than my regular art as therapy. Ha. :ROFLMAO: 🧡