Hannah and Jayden


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This is a dual portrait of my Granddaughter Hannah on the right and her best friend Jayden. The piece was done on white Stonehenge with Prismacolor pencils. The size is 14 x 17 inches. I have about 24 hours in this piece. My colored pencil training came from one of Ann Kulberg's books. I saw her work and was taken by the beautiful work that could be accomplished with pencils. I mainly do mechanical pieces but also landscapes. I never was a portrait artist in the beginning but enjoy it now. I posted a short intro about myself and my art background in the welcome area.


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Simply FANTASTIC work!!!! You are extremely accomplished. I can see all the meticulous detail you've put into this. 24 hours? That's very impressive. You're fast. I hope you find more time to do more wonderful pieces like this, and others. ♥️
Wonderful in every way! It is so difficult to get fabric to look natural, and those denim shorts are spot on.
Excellent pencil work! I'm impressed by all your details, the clothing and how you rendered the sand. Applause! 👏