Scavenger Hunt from Life #92: Nov 18 - Nov 26. Substitution


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Looks like a new list is not getting posted so…

Scavenger Hunt from Life #92: Nov 18 - Nov 26

Welcome to the Scavenger Hunts from Life.
The Hunts were started in 2006 by Jamie Williams Grossman as a way to practice with prompts. Artists have come and gone while forming some lasting friendships. We hope you will join in and tune up your sketching skills. All levels and techniques are welcome. We hope you can have some good times here. You can travel the world seeing the sketches of items at hand by the artists.

If you’ve participated in at least one Scavenger Hunt and have time to host one we would really appreciate it. You can sign up by posting your name on the current hosting schedule in the Art From Life forum here:

Here are the rules for the Hunt:
*All everyday common items on the list must be sketched from life – not imagination or photo reference.
*Each object you draw can count for only one item on the listless, no matter how many shapes/parts/colors that object contains. This was agreed on by unanimous vote among the participants.
*You may place multiple objects together in a drawing or painting, and may count these objects as separate items, but no single object can count for more than one item.
*All items posted must be numbered. Count them as you go. The first item you post will be #1 regardless of its place on the list. Do them in whatever order you wish, but count them in the order in which you sketch them, from 1 to 26.
*Do as many or as few of the items as you like. You don’t have to finish the entire list to participate. The Scavenger Hunt “week” will last for 9 days, with the next hunt starting on the 9th day.
*Please tell us your size, surface, medium, and the amount of time it took you for each sketch. We love hearing about your subjects and setups. Photos of your subjects are welcome.
*Have fun!
*** If you have some hunt sketches completed but little time to read/comment, please post your sketches anyway. Commenting is appreciated but not required!

Scavenger Hunt from Life #92: Nov 18 - Nov 26
This is a list originally posted by KarmArt over on WETCANVAS.

makes you smile/laugh
saves you time
older than 10 years
wakes you up
helps you sleep
non-art tool or utensil
upside down
green (challenge not nature or food)
makes a sound (challenge, not electronic)
violet or purple

1 Do one of the items using a media you keep saying you are going to try but haven’t yet gotten around too
2 Try an item or two in blind contour
Fletch, thanks for stepping in with a list for us.

The NYC Urban Sketchers went to a Draw-A-Thon at the NYC High School of Art & Design. This is one of my sketches done in the room of clothed models.
1 - fabric curtain - watercolors and ink
2 - front of one model
3 - back of one model
4 - multiple sketchers sketching the models
Joan that was a quick response with a great sketch. Proportions, perspective and skin tones all super!
Thanks Fletch for the list!!

Joan what a great start to the Hunt. You make such good opportunities for sketching for yourself!! Hopefully we will get a group going again here in Bastrop.
Fletch: Thanks for the list and chip in place for BearStars... BTW, what are "Kivrin's pallette" ? Pls. clarify. Thanks.

Joan: Amazing start of this Hunt.... love your recording of awesome prop... was there a room with non-clothed models ...?
Ai - ii refer to the set of paints from Kivrin that you passed to me as Kivrin’s Palette.
If you want the actual palette it is Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Pale, Winsor Orange, Cadmium Red, Permanent Red, Opera, Royal Blue, Antwerp, Cerulean, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna.
In my multiple starts at learning watercolor this has been my base. The online drawing class recommended the Cotman palette which used the same yellows but used Alizarin Crimson in place of Permanent Red and 2 different blues he recommended Prussian Blue and Ultramarine but did include Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna, so her palette has been a good base. One of the things I have found is I am not a Cadmium fan. The Cadmium paints seem to behave differently if that makes any sense.
Hope I answered your question Ai.

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All — The rest of the last event completely got away from me - feel bad not to have commented on the remainder of your fantastic work there, really joyous stuff from you guys, thank you all 😊 Comments on the above artwork soon, I hope 🙏

Joe/Fletch — Thanks for stepping in again and hosting!!! Caught your comments, hope to check out your watercolors soon, plus I have a "palette question" - hope to be back with that soon also 🙏

All👋 For those in winter conditions, please take good care of yourselves and stay safe 🙏
Thanks for the list Fletch! And "Hi" everyone! :)

Joan -- that's great, the perspective is fantastic. Like we are there with you!

I think 5 hunts went by, time sure flies when you're having fun. I've been fishing every day. Somehow when I'm doing something ( garden, fishing, whatever ) it seems to take all my attention to the exclusion of everything else. I started doing an "active" kind of fishing rather than the "bait and wait' kind where you sit around waiting for the fish to come... not sitting where I could draw...

Anyway, I'm still around, hoping to start up again soon, and I'll be here to host the list I signed up for in January. Over the next few days I'll go back through the hunts I missed ( looking forward to it! )

Fletch, thanks. It was a long, fun day of sketching. They go for 9 hours. We left early. lol

Jo, I hope you do get a group going there. Thanks.

Ai, they have the clothed models set up in the cafeteria. Anyone who has paid the admission can sketch in there. In the gym they have the nude models. Since it is a high school and young students are allowed to join in the sketching, the students have to be 16 or older or be with a parent to go into that room. You get a color-coded bracelet to wear.

Pine Cone, thanks for coming by. Hope you will be joining in.

Ned, good to know you have been actively doing something you enjoy. 😄

5 - purple shadows - direct watercolor
6 - makes me smile (autumn colors)


7 - arched back - graphite (From yesterday's nude models.)
Fletch, I have a few paints from Kivrin as well. Always good memories, thanks to Ai.

Pine Cone, hi, nice to see you.

Ned, ah isn't it the truth. Seems like a short time ago that we started the Hunts. You are welcome any time....

Joan, love the purple shadows and fall landscape. Lovely. Great gesture on the arched back. Life form drawing is so good for us. No place here for that, requires a drive to Austin.

Son and wife arrived yesterday. Been a good day.
Pine Cone - awaiting palette question but not sure a beginner is best one to ask questions. Am sure the pros her3 will help though.

Ned - Bait and wait is my kind of fishing. Use to drift in canoe with line in the water. Relaxing. Do not fish much anymore. Retirement keeps me too busy.

Joan - Love the autumn colors and shadows. Excellent figure drawing.

Jo - my best to David and Lisa.

Keep sketching

P.S. Not sure what I did but format options and insert are now greyed out for me.
Joan — Thanks 😊 Very cool sketch of the live models with their elaborate costumes, and all the people in the room!!!
Your sketches of autumn trees get me every time. Beautiful!
Lovely sketch of the nude model, but good grief, how did she hold that pose? You did well to capture the curves and angles so descriptively!

JoC — Thanks, and thanks also for hosting the last event 😂 I hope you get a sketching group going in Bastrop☀️🎨 Have fun with your family, and take lots of pics!!! ❤️💙❤️

Ned — Good to see you! 👋
Fletch (and All) — I'm curious why you and other artists maybe try to nail down a single palette as a starting point. Am I misunderstanding? When I used to paint, I felt fortunate to have a zillion colors, and always have all of them available at all times. I'm not sure, but I probably would have felt lost if I had to narrow things down to a few starting colors.

But every artist is different... I loved the cadmium colors, but they were sometimes too intense for some paintings, while other paintings simply wouldn't have been possible (for me) without the special brilliancy that some of them have.

But the Winsor & Newton website makes a good point about the variety of cadmiums. They say, "Cadmiums have the broadest range of hues derived from any of the inorganic pigment groups. These hues range from pale to golden deep yellows, light, fiery oranges to deep ones, through to light, bright scarlets, deep reds and maroons."

But if your issue is more with their *behavior*, rather than their appearance, maybe that's because they're inorganic???

Since almost all my experience with the cadmiums is in acrylics, I don't really know what you're experiencing, but just thought I'd throw these thoughts into the mix.
Joe, you made me laugh out loud about being too busy to fish!
Joan, I really like looking at your direct watercolors!
Pine Cone, hi! I know next to nothing about palettes...
Pine Cone - it would probably be great to have a palette of 50 or 60 colors like I do with pencils both color pencils and pastel pencils. In both cases I basically want the pencil to be the color I want and the blend in highlights and shadows. With watercolor’s rich pigments it is easy to mix the color you want if you have the right base colors but you need a warm and a cool version of each primary than you can add what are referred to as “convenient” colors. These would vary by artist and might be a couple of greens, an orang and a violet. Personally I think (not enough experience to be sure) I would add a couple of greens and than a few earth tones line ochre or sienna basing that on colors I lean toward with color pencil.
Every watercolor lesson or class I have done or looked into the artist recommends a palette of any where from 10 to 20 colors. One artist I have looked at a lot has a different palette of about 15 colors for each general topic. She also recommends a basic palette of 6 colors that I have yet to see her use in any lesson. She does confess to not being a “minimalist” and loving having lots of colors,
The website Handprint discusses many palettes along with rationales and then goes through setting up a mixing palette of 12 single pigment paints. Reading his write-ups, my favorite is the Velásquez palette (ultramarine, yellow ochre and burnt sienna) the ultimate minimum palette.😎 Watercolor paints run anywhere from $12 to $20 per 15 ml tube 🙀so there is also a cost consideration to having a lot of c9lors.

Ned - You can laugh now but you will get there! Had a buddy retire when I was still working. After about a year he commented how he did not know how he ever got anything done when he was working. I laughed.

Keep sketching
Pine Cone, thanks. Sketching the models was fun. I couldn't get into some of the positions they were in...never mind hold them for any length of time. One model stood on one foot for an entire pose with the other foot in the air. lol

Joe, I have a lot of tubes of watercolors that I never use and bought because I needed them for a workshop/lesson. You will find you gravitate to the same colors over time and ignore a lot of others. That's how your palette will probably develop. My advice is to try to buy professional grade watercolors. They may be more expensive but are much easier to work with than student grade. The student grade ones don't have enough pigment and you spend a lot of time trying to get rich color...but it doesn't happen. Years ago I bought a trio of colors that Daniel Smith put together. It amazed me that I was able to do an entire painting of a rooster and all the colors in his feathers with just those 3 colors. Of course at this point I don't remember what the colors were, but you can easily get by without a great number of colors. I do have greens on my palette that I mix with other colors to vary them. I have sap green, hookers green and a recent addition is undersea green.

8 - car window - watercolors & ink


9 - textured tree bark - watercolors and ink

PineCone: I ditto to Fletch's discussion. I my case I totally have close to 80 colors in total as I inherited lots from our late Kivrin years ago . And I have may be more than 10 portable wc travel sets different in size or shapes (for sketching on location). I still don't feel settle to a particular way of combo of 10-15 paints but I think this is mainly due to I rarely paint big nor paint regular due to my busy life, more of sketching tiny bit here and there. So I have less time experimenting with all the paints I have and even with sketching (I start going thru my old paint tube drawer and sort them and thru the dry ones away some ... a few days ago). I try to paint/sketch close to daily level but it is still not that regular. So any time, I get to paint or sketch, I feel like I have to (semi) start to learn about how they mix again. And like Fletch said, each artist has his/her own preference style or liking. Like in WC, how do you add shadows... are you gonna use Payned Grey, premade color, or will you mix your dark differently. And with WC, there is so much of what can happen and your painting styles in WC... like paint expressively, and done in one go (this seems to be my current muntra...), or paint thru many layers of glazing to build up your color effects. So the possibility are endless, thus starting with the your essential combo wc sets will be different in everyone.... Like a good song illustrate "Never be enough..." (until your wallet and energy stop you from venture deep into more/new possibility.... lol another song "Into the Unknown ....". So the essential 10-15 paints, in my case, will allow me to grab and go on-location wc sketch in mostly situation. BTW, I personally not that organized, so that might also have effect on my spread around paint tubes/medium/sketch books/so many art tote bags... lol.. so I hardly get to settle in a more regular essential wc set for me. I admire Joan greatly for her dedicate and regular art practice. :love:

Joan: Beautiful fall season, I have been craving for. Nice view on the car window and the arch back model too. Welldone.

Jo: Have a good rest... I don't have anything either.

Fletch: Thanks for reminding me of the details of Kivrin's paint collection. At that time, I wished you to have a complete of the essential range (in my mind ... all primaries + some earth tones) ... so that was how I put them together for you.... lol
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