Scavenger Hunt from Life #92: Nov 18 - Nov 26. Substitution

Joan beautiful fall colors! Thanks for info.

Ai - love the hatching. Thank you for creating that palette. When you sent me paints from Kivrin I assumed that was her palette. So I really have 2 to thank. Kivrin for the paints and you for th3 palette. Thanks for adding your approach and thoughts.

Pine Cone - Thanks for being curious as I am learning from the responses as well.

Ai, thank you. I've been enjoying the change in the colors. Do you get that in Thailand? Nice roundness to your onions.

Today is my day to do some Thanksgiving baking. There will only be two of us for dinner and I like having traditional food. Instead of making big pies that we would happily eat, I wanted something small that could be finished without it sitting around tempting us. Last year I bought a 5 inch springform pan and then for Christmas my sister gave me a set of 3 mini 4 inch springform pans. So I made Jerry two tiny blueberry pies for tomorrow.

10 - round - watercolors and ink

11 - saves me time (making the pastry dough) - Procreate


My mini pecan pie just came out of the oven. It's a bit puffy and darker than usual but I'm sure it will be good anyway.
12 - sweet - watercolors and ink

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Joan, the pie looks delicious. Nice job. Like the shading of the clear plastic in your digital.
here is the current 3 tube Daniel Smith set. I bought one a while back
making me hungry! I made a fresh pumpkin pie but won't get to eat it until tomorrow night!
Thanks Jo, and Fletch.

Joan: Those are wonderful Thanksgiving seasonal sketch. Yummy, beautiful, and warm our hearts.
Joan: In Thailand, we don't have 4 season. We have hot and hotter

I baked chicken for our Thanksgiving in Bangkok home meal. We can't afford to go out for the super expensive American imported turkey at some nice establishments. We are grateful that we are doing OK, and I am grateful for many good artist friends here. Happy Thanksgiving for all artist friends, esp. in the USA.
Joe & Ned, I'll be sampling the pie shortly. Right now I seem to be in a turkey coma. lol

Ai, thanks. Glad you joined us in celebrating Thanksgiving even if you didn't have turkey. I know it is hard to find some of the components of a traditional Thanksgiving when you aren't in the USA. I know when my niece moved to Australia she was able to find a turkey at the store but she wanted cranberry sauce. The closest she could find were cranraisins so she soaked them to make them plump and did the best she could with the dinner. Do you have a special holiday there that is similar to Thanksgiving?

No sketching from life today...although the day isn't over yet.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to those of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving today.
Ai - Glad you, Tone and the girls were able to celebrate. Turkey Is kinda of traditional but many have other meals. We have had Chicken, Cornish Game Hen and even Ham. (Yuck)

Hope all who celebrate had a nice day.
:) Happy Thanksgiving! The pie was great, I'm full! At dinner tonight we were talking about Canadian Thanksgiving day which is in October and many people have duck or goose.
Never had goose, but I do like duck...but not for Thanksgiving.

13 - wakes me up - Procreate


14 - soft - Procreate

Jo, Fletch, Joan: FYI-- I will start my next Hunt on Nov 27, as there was a day gap in the sign-up list of the current one ending on Nov 26 but the next one on list will start again on Nov 28...??? I wonder how we all miss this.... lol. I will be a way for a short trip outside Bangkok but will be back to Bangkok home, by Nov 27.
Happy B-late Thanksgiving to you all. You know that you all are special to me.
Joan: Awesome work on the alarm clock and the Clenex box. We have a Thai New Year celebration in mid April, but we don't have a specific staple food like Turkey. More like having family meal together. Yes, an imported American turkey in Bangkok is so expensive here. We are happy with just baked chicken... lol.
#2 cultural ...a watercolor nocturne of our old capital city -- Chaiwattanaram Temple in Ayudthaya (more than 400 years ago) ...


#3 arched --another temple, PhraNgam at Ayudthaya
Fletch and Joan and Ai — Wow, thanks so much for all your insights into palettes and colors and mixing!!! Wonderful advice and so fun to learn more about how you guys do your beautiful work 😃🎨 Thank you again 🙏

All — As you know, life has been suddenly difficult (destroyed, actually) and I've been trying to find my way... but a few days ago, a hacker revealed that my devices were all compromised, and who knows what will happen next. They seem to have full access, even within my apps, and nothing I can do. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Edit — Probably no more "Procreate Tips" for two reasons...

..... First, you guys, all of you who use apps, have already surpassed my abilities with ProCreate.

..... Second, I accidentally deleted ProCreate when I was upset and grief stricken over all the hatred coming my way, and my inability to reach them through their hatred with love and compassion. I refuse to retaliate. Anyway, I only meant to delete ProCreate from one screen, but I deleted it completely from my device. (Deleting ProCreate was my mistake. It was not done by the hacker I referred to above.) And I don't know if I will reaquire ProCreate or not. I lost all my self-made brush libraries, and various other things. What a tough 45 months. What an incredibly tough last few months. What an impossibly sorrow-filled day.
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Ai, the gap in the dates will give us an extra day to work on this hunt. I really like the nocturne of the old capital really glows. Lovely job on the arched branches of the tree.

Pine Cone, I am sorry about the hackers messing with your devices and that life has been so filled with problems for you. Is your version of Procreate in the cloud...or is that compromised too? Praying that things improve for you!

Today I joined the NYC Urban Sketchers at the National Museum of the American Indian. There are lots of interesting artifacts to sketch there, so I had a very full day of creating.

15 - older than 10 years - watercolors and ink (from 1890)


16 - cultural - watercolors and ink A Quiche' Maya Dance Outfit from Guatemala (1920-1926)

Ai and Joan — Thank you for your unfailing kindness ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹💞💞🙏🙏

About the cloud. I don't use it. Even before all this happened, I didn't use it. The tiny smidgeon that is free isn't anywhere near the amount digital artists need. If I had started down the path of reliance on the cloud, it wouldn't have been sustainable for a nanosecond because of the costs involved. So I didn't. No backup.

Having worked in IT for so many years, I knew that at some point I'd have loss. That day has come. But it seems fitting since my life is already in ruins. All of a sudden, it hardly matters, and hostages are being freed and that is what truly matters.