Scavenger Hunt from Life #92: Nov 18 - Nov 26. Substitution

#4 older than 10 years -- the St.Joseph Catholic Church, Ayutthaya -- done in watercolor & ink
#5 window -- stain glass window at the St.Joseph Catholic Church, Ayutthaya -- done in watercolor & ink



#6 textured -- a weathered reclining Buddha of Logaya-Sudtharam Temple, Ayutthaya-- done in direct watercolor




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Ai, super job on the windows of the church and the view of the outside. Our parish church growing up was St. Joseph's. Your 2 page buddha made me smile. You find such fun things to sketch.

I worked with Procreate for these.
17 - makes a sound (mouth)


18 - four legged

Joan - You are doing great with Procreate! The radio and tissue box are both well done. The NA pieces are well done as make me wish I could visit there. The mouth and the stuffed sheep both made me smile.

Ai - Absolutely love the nocturnal view of the 400 year old temple! The tree arch seems it may be as old? Really like how you did the stain glass windows in the church. The lying Buddha is excellent thank you fir sharing so much of your culture with us.

Pine Cone - Sorry to hear that a hacker has managed to make a difficult situation worse. Your lose of Procreate is a lose to all of us as it means we do not get to see your creations. Continue to send prayers and positive energy.

Keep sketching
Wow, lots going on here. We were in Thanksgiving limbo....... Company gone but had a huge tree taken down today so still not much going on.

Joan, loved your pies and kitchen machine. Cool.. I'm not sure I can make any cooking small. Ha. Your alarm clock is great, new technique. Nice tissue box. Fun stuff from the American Indian museum. The mouth and four legged made me smile.

Ai, hope your Thanksgiving was great. I love the cultural sketch of the old capital. And the archway, wow! Beautiful church and reclining Buddha. You and Joan find so many interesting things. Applause.

Fletch, we had ham! It was Jennie's choice as she cooked and it was her birthday! So ham with regular trimmings and birthday cake added.

Pine Cone, oh my, such a hard time. Hope you found some help.

These are in the Canson large sketchbook with Ohuhu pens of the workers today.
Number 1 multiple - multiple worker fellows
Number 2, makes sound - the chipper that grinds the limbs was very loud!



Hi to all the rest, see ya on the next Hunt or ????
Thanks Joan, Jo, and Fletch for kind words.

Joan: Love your creation on ProCreate... the sheep is super cute and the mouth makes me smile.

Jo: Your tree cutting service was a great subject here too. I love the big truck sketch... It shows the solidity of the vehicle for tough job.
Ai -- That nocturne is great! Those roots are wild on the arched tree ( are those creeping figs or Banyan? ). I really like the St. Joseph's Church outside view... it seems to capture something of what it's like to be there ( and made me want to be there! ) The reclining Buddha is excellent, why do I think you had fun painting that :)

Joan -- The paintings from the museum are great, I like the colors. The "makes a sound" one made me laugh, so it really did make a sound :) The sheep is very cute.

Pine Cone --- positive vibes from me to you too. I hope things turn around for you soonest.

Jo -- You did good with the multiple workers, and a sense of action in that on,. Ha ha the wood chipper made me laugh too... those really do make a lot of noise! February is too far away but we'll have one more year to enjoy Pac 12 baseball out here.

Joe -- Your wisdom about retirement has been spot on so far. Today I kept having the feeling "the weekend is almost over" and then had to remind myself that it's not. After 35+ years of working, I guess that's going to take a while to go away. I like weekdays best now anyway!

I'm glad I got out and drew today, it reminded me how meditative it is, and how I always feel peaceful afterwards. I re-read Betty Edwards instructions before I went out today... she calls it "pure contour drawing". Mine was a 5 minute blind contour drawing, but near the end I didn't want to creep little by little along the contours... I wanted to draw more expressive lines with more feeling and energy... not really a "blind gesture drawing" but something more :) Maybe I'll try that another time.

This is my favorite arch along the Sonoma Coast. I don't think many people know it's there because the only place you can see it from is out of the way and hard to get to. My little camera's battery was dead, so I tried to use my phone but you get the idea.

1.a Arch ... blind contour

1.b Arch ink and inkwash

Ai, thanks so much. You inspire.

Ned, crazy what they are doing to college baseball and the rest. All about money now. We have a couple of new teams in the Big 12 and then we go to the SEC next year. They have also made more night games which makes it hard on us old folks to drive in the city at night. Change is hard. I love your blind contour and your sketch of the arch. Wow on the rocks and waves. I'd probably get dizzy there. Thanks for the photo.
Fletch, I'm glad my big mouth and sheep made you smile.

Jo, thanks. I like your action sketches of the workers taking down the tree. Those wood chippers do make an incredible amount of noise. Hope it was over quickly. Hope Jennie had a happy birthday.

Ai, thanks. I loved the video of the nocturnal sketch that you posted on FB this morning. I just wish I could have made the video larger to enjoy it even better.

Ned, thanks. I'm glad my mouth sketch made noise with the laughter even after I posted it. lol Great sketch of the wonderful jagged rocks! Super continuous line too. If we have rocks at our beaches here on the east coast they are usually rounded or flat, not jagged like that. Those are impressive.