Scavanger Hunt From Life-#109 - April 1-9

Back this am and golly gee what a great set of sketches this hunt….sorry I couldn’t follow along everyday. Thank you all.

Fletch. Your bunnies are so warm and friendly..a dear sweetness . OH WOW. Love the selfie and accompanying photo..thank you so much for that. As days go by I feel so close to everyone here that seeing each person and their art accompanies and follows me with much joy. Thank you and yes photo booth is something I will try next selfie.

Joan. Beautiful white tulips and pleasant country store with notes on door and bicycle display. Like the loose sketch style and the way you portrayed the brick wall. The house in HoHo is stunning. The pair at table with the traffic and tall buildings in background is dramatic poetry.

Ned oh! A wash of color this time! At first I thought it was Joan. The color does add a lot. Thanks for photo. Hope you recover well from the C

Ai. Train sketch is VERY ADVENTUROUS sketch under the demands of that environment! Great catch! The fisherman sketch is AWESOME. The way the tin roof and floor converge with the life lived scene running between. Wow…I love it
The boat scene it an interesting meeting of form and color…you played fast and loose with both and it works ! With the step by step photos… sweet perk

JoC great sketches . Like the way the set starts with lakeside alone and then the tiny figures are each so special and varied but all addressing the water and finishing up with the vine and bark texture..great job on the bark…subliminal success..I mean like I thinking how in the gee willikers did she get that bark so well?

We’ll see you in the next hunt…special mention to the two lurker comments/likes
Nice to see the around Brianviands and nice to meet Bonkers

Peace out
And keep sketching