Scavanger Hunt From Life-#109 - April 1-9

#5 sub. a selfie with a sketch of my two girls wading Chumphon sea, Lily & Iris


#6 a storefront ..a pizza foodtruck by the beach

#7 P for pepper grinder
#8 over my eye level....a hanging potted plant


#9 strong -- boat pillars made from the old palm tree-trunks bundled together

#10 animal


#11 has interesting edges -- a dried puffer fish

Joan - Spent some time trying to figure where you painted this. They tor3 down all the els in Manhattan decades ago. Figure has to be somewhere in Queens. Well done even if you used artistic license on a few signs.

Ai - still amazes that Misses Lily and Iris are grown young women. Nice work on pizza truck. Was expecting one more painting with a view of your pizza 😎 Great set of line drawings. The bundled palm trunks for boat pillar was a surprise. Dried puffer fish is pretty cool

Keep sketching
Ai, I love your sunset across the two pages. Beautiful. The girls wading made me smile. Fun storefront of the pizza truck. I had a pepper grinder similar, we "have to have a grinder." Nice gesture and angle on the hanging plant. Clever find for strong, the pillars. Nice kitty and the puffer fish is definitely interesting.

Joan, the city scene with the trestle, cars, etc., is great. Love the tables and chairs and folks, too.

Hi Bongo and Fletch.

I sketched out by the pond in the Ohuhu sketchbook with a Micton 02 and watercolors for the stump. I added the green and colors on the edge trunk with Micron pens green, brown and purple.
Number 5, broken or cracked --the stump
Number 6, starts with p -- people, woman and two boys fishing
Number 7, unusual or interesting edge - tree trunk with leaves which are probably poison oak with the three sort of leaves.

Ai, nice sketch of your girls! Love the pizza truck as a nocturne. Well done!! I assume the pizza was good since there are so many people. Love the puffer fish!! They are such funny creatures. Looks like the cat was content and let you sketch her.

Fletch, this elevated train was in Long Island City. We were sketching outside the MoMa PS1 Museum on Jackson Ave. But there are still some elevated trains in Manhattan up near Harlem. We sketched a trestle there by Columbia University a few weeks ago. Of course we were almost done painting this scene when these great train cars appeared that the workmen we doing something with. It was too late to add them to my sketch because of the ink, but my friend was just working in watercolors and painted the yellow engine right on top of what she already had on her paper.LOL She wasn't going to let that pass by us.

Jo, thanks. I have to go back and add in the writing. My hands were so cold that when my friend, Suzala was finished, I was ready to go someplace warmer. lol Our original plan was to go inside the museum we were in front of, but hunger won out and we went and had lunch instead.
I did two small paintings by the beach in Southampton today.
14 - straight (signs & poles, section of fence) - watercolors and a bit of ink

15 - free space - watercolors


16 - drying out and drooping (sub for broken, cracked) - watercolors and ink

Joan: Thanks so much. Gorgeous both dunes and Easter flowers.

Jo: Thank you. I love sketches from your fishing crew...and interesting tree bark.
Another 'P' for dear Chumphon friends (they live in our homestay town) gave us a papaya from their local orchard. After I finish the sketch, the homestay crew peel and cut it for our breakfast.


Fletch: Thank you so much...

Here is another sketch done at a cafe by mangrove canal of Chumphon..
#12 a piece of furniture
#13 make a sound ...a part of cafe's cat


#14 -- a special tupe of Thai palm family plant thst loves wetland or canal side...

WOW- so many great comments and sketches ….. I will be back to comment this afternoon….still covered up with moving tasks. Have several job small but work shop is boxed in. I did manage sketch a few days back….
Free space-door knocker
#15 "Full" of old boats... at a deserted boatyard, Pak-Nam Chumphon...wc&pencil


Joan, you are braver than me. I won’t suffer cold! Your beach scenes are so goo. Love the clouds.. your sad tulips are well done.

Ai, love when I can eat my models. Do you add spicy sauce? Fun that the cat was still. Pretty palm trees. Oooh, and boats. So colorful.

Robin, love that you found a few moments to sketch. Fun door knocker. Pretty plant and good to see your home.

Ned, did I tell you that the mustard is great. Very wasabi like and clears the sinuses.

We are close enough to the eclipse today that we will be dark for 8 minutes. It is cloudy now so may not see the ring.
Jo -- I think that was the British fellow Brian writing about mustard. I caught covid and have been resting the past couple days not doing anything but sleeping.
Jo -- I think that was the British fellow Brian writing about mustard. I caught covid and have been resting the past couple days not doing anything but sleeping.
Ah, confused baseball and mustard. "Oldtimers". Ha. Hope you feel better soon.
I sketched on the porch. We are now partly cloudy so may get a peek at the ring around the sun.

Number 8 plant - a new scraggly geranium and Number 9 straight - the boards which I couldn't draw straight. In the Little Fingers Sketch Pad 9 X 12 inches with Micron 02 running out of ink and nib.

Ai, you have been able to do so many paintings and sketches while you're gone. Interesting view of your lap, the chair, and the cat next to you. Love the Thai palms...they look so tropical and make me smile. Great job on all those made them look better than IRL.

Robin, I'm glad you've been able to squeeze in a few sketches and unpack too. That's a lot!! Fun door knocker. I like the view of your home. Is the plant from inside or outside?

Jo, I watched the eclipse here, but it wasn't total for us and didn't get dark. I tried to take photos but didn't have much success. I took this one with a pair of eclipse glasses over the lens of the iPhone. That's why it looks dark. I may have been better off just taking a regular was too hard to play around with glasses for a phone. lol This was the best of the photos. You can see a tiny bit of the moon covering the sun.

Ned, I hope you feel better quickly.
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