Scavanger Hunt From Life-#109 - April 1-9

Robin Gillis

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Good day art buddies - here are the items for hunting. For background and guidelines on posts please refer to previous hunt.
Remember this is a fun event. :giggle: (y)

1. Makes a sound
2. Has unusual or interesting edge
3. A plant
4. Curly
5. Label
6. Store front
7. Street light, flag pole or firehydrant
8. Dwelling
9. Selfie
10. Above eye level
11. Weak
12. Strong
13. Full
14. Empty
15. Straight
16. Curved
17. Piece of furniture
18. Plugs in
19. Free space
20. Is broken, cracked or warped
21. Begins with P
22. Begins with M
23. Looking inside
24. Measuring tool
25. Animal
26. Free space

Let’s DO IT!
#1 - Plant
This was a graphite sketch that just did not look right without color so added what I had intended to be a light wash than got carried away. Then the leaves lost definition so added pen. 😎
No longer look much like the original but was fun..



Keep sketching
Robin thanks for the list!! Hi everyone.

Wow, Fletch, fun start to the Hunt. I like the rich colors and the addition of ink. Yay!!

Hope to sketch tomorrow.
Robin: Thanks for a nice list.

Beautiful sketches to start this Hunt, Fletch, and Joan.
Well Sha had PT today was looking at hunt admiring Joan’s dewllin* painting and thought I’d give Procreate a go.

#2 Storefront. Ice cream store across the street called The Working Cow,
Important part is I sketched! 😎


Keep sketching
Ai, thanks.

Fletch, are you turning into an urban sketcher now? A storefront and two vehicles. Yay!!

3 - curved stems and leaves - acrylic inks & watercolor pencils

Fletch -- yay, I like the greens! See, I like the palm trees and car in the background, they look neat and the scale is great.

Joan -- like the red house, and the tulips are wonderful :)! I don't even know what acrylic inks are... ( oh no! I'm probably going to look at Blick's website to see what they are now! )

Robin, Ai, Joe1, Jo -- hi! 👋

Just a quick sketch where I ate my lunch today when I was out hiking and fishing:
#1 free space


photo from nearby:
Hi Fletch,Ned, JoC, Joan, Ai , Joe1 and lurkers :alien:

HIP HIP HOORAY for a great start and good example. May we all be so blessed as Fletch to get carried away with such nice result.

Joan - lovely dwelling “sketch” Allemcompassing from chimney top to block boarder and parked vehicle- you are amazing, gurl! AMAZING! Sweet bunch of tulips.

Fletch- love the Procreate moment. Use of diff tools. Gives good interest.

Ned- love to see your raw sketches. They are like art vitamins!! And the splendiferious photo- oh wow! Gonna make that a desktop..I envy you your envigorating environment.

Today maybe we can squeeze out a sketch or two. Be cool if we all caught a little something, eh.

Take care and by all means-keep sketching 😘
As usual, I wrote this yesterday and didn't send. Sigh.

Joan, ahhhh, lovely dwelling. I like your blooms and shadows. Even a vehicle. Since then your beautiful tulips..

Fletch, funny guy. I like your ice cream store. Fun name and cool sketch.

Ned, always love your outdoor sketches and views. Yowza!

Hi Robin..and joe1lt!

I sketched at PT as well. In the large Canson Mix Media sketchbook. I thought it might work better in the car ... more like a table. Still awkward for where I had to park to see the hydrant well.
Number 1 - fire hydrant, Sharpie pen and watercolor with waterbrushes
Number 2 - store front, the PT place, Sharpie pen


Joe, thanks.

Ned, the problem with the acrylic inks is that I'm not satisfied with just a few colors and the bottles take up a lot of space. Also I won't drag them out for plein air, so I don't really NEED more of them. lol It's an endless cycle. Just easier to stick to watercolors and ink. Love the rocky coast sketch.

Robin, thanks for that sweet comment.

Jo, thanks. Nice work on the red hydrant. Finding a good position to park isn't always easy...or the best view. Nice storefront with all those posts.
Joan - Beautiful tulips. Never be an urban sketcher. But that snap a line in procreate makes it easier to do buildings. There must 100 little creeks, rivers, canals etc around here. Keep thinking they be fun to paint.once I learn to handkerchief watercolor may be try plein sit of waterways in SWFL. 🙀

Ned. - you got me looking forward to your seascapes. So did you buy some acrylic ink?😎

Jo - The ‘forget to hit send crowd’ is growing. Cool job on the hydrant. Love the hatching showing the varied textures

#3 Measuring tools - quick sketch in pocket sketchbook to get back in habit of sketching daily.
Tape measure and t-square

Keep sketching.
Fletch, thanks! I love that procreate will straighten the lines since I tend to make them crooked. Good job on the measuring tools. I don't think I have a straight edge anywhere around. Maybe that's my problem. lol

I have two batches of tulips to paint. I've sketched/painted the plant of pink ones three times. A few of them have shriveled up already. I like turning the pot to see a slightly different view. The new white ones I got on Easter are peony tulips and I have to start sketching them soon.

4 - begins with a "P" (petals) - Zebra colored fountain pens
5 - curly leaves
Joan: Gorgeous flowers... both the curve lines and the uplift colors.

Fletch: Love the tools of the trade.

Jo: Wonderful red fire hydrant... lovely shop with brick works.

NedL: So supper sketch....amazing nature, well captured. Pls. PM me the nearest (hopefully affordable) AirBnb of the bay that you have been sketching from. I am starting to save money for this, seriously !!! LOL
Fletch -- good job on the t-square & tape measure. I came to my senses when I thought about it... I don't carry my tiny watercolor set unless I have my knapsack with me because it's not really comfortable to carry more than the pocket sketchbook. The acrylic inks look interesting but I wouldn't carry them. But now here comes Joan again with "zebra colored fountain pens", which I just looked at. Disposable fountain pens? Who would have guessed?! :)

Joan -- the colors in the tulips look great. Probably because you left whites and with the black ink it really makes the color stand out.

Ai -- thanks! I'll ask my daughter about that, she knows more about AirBnb than I do! I've always walked a lot, but now that I'm retired I'm lucky to be able to go to lots of places around here. :)
Joan, I got some of the acrylic ink in bright neon colors. A friend uses them under pastels. I put on too much or something and filled the tooth of the paper so the pastel wouldn't stick. They are pretty! Your tulips are really lovely. Anxious to the the peone ones, more frilly?? Thanks.

Fletch, thanks. great job on the tools of the trade. I think my t-square or whatever that is called is no longer around here. Good job on the digi in case I didn't say.

Hi everyone else.

We had teeth cleaning today so I sketched for a few minutes. They are always on time! I started the peace lily plant and didn't finish. Drew a line under it. I didn't see what pot it was in. Then we went to eat lunch so sketched the small shelf and plates on the wall and the light hanging down. Should have taken a photo, the wood is old, blueish and gray where it is worn off. The shelf was turquoise and the plates were red on white. Little cups and stuff not full size. Shelf about 16 x 20 inches.
Number 3 plant - in the travel sketchbook with the Acurit 03 pen
Number 4 above eye level
Ai, thanks. Glad to hear you're saving for a trip.

Ned, thanks. A few years back a friend gave my name to the Zebra company and they sent me an assorted collection of their products to try and then give feedback to them. These have been sitting around since then. It is a shame that they can't be refilled...a bit of a waste in my opinion. I didn't realize that they bleed with water which makes it more likely I might use them again. I got ink pens, markers, and colored pencils to try.

Jo, the acrylic inks are really vivid and not really portable, although I bought them for a class and the woman taught us in Central Park. I definitely need a table and space if I'm going to use them. Yes, the peony tulips are a bit fluffier and really pretty. Glad you found a few things to sketch while you were out. Sounds like it was a colorful scene.



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