November 2021 Monthly Challenge


For our first challenge I've selected three of my images for you. Please add your artwork to this thread any time during November. If you have questions, comments, or need help don't be shy as everyone is here to learn. As stated at forum beginning "Any watermedia, like watercolor, diluted acrylic, gouache, ink washes, sumi-e, and water tempera is acceptable.

Loy Daily Bread.jpg

Friend Loy thankful for daily bread

Bowed Heads Sunflowers.jpg

Bowed heads sunflower field

Persimmons fruit.jpg

Persimmons (Asian) on handmade silk tapestry
Hi Kay, these are great references, thank you! I couldn't resist painting your friend Loy.
I used water soluble wax pastels (caran d'ache) on colored paper. the size is 6''*8''.
C&C is always very welcome and I look forward to y'alls challenges.


Cheers and have a wonderful November
Tanja - This is great! I love the red background which puts Loy in profile and makes him the focus of your painting. I love using my Caran d'ache too, and this reminds me I havent used them for a while - must get them out again.

Kay - I'm going to paint one of your refs too. Im just away from home for a couple of days but will get into it when I get home.
Tanja, you’ve captured the thankfulness of this humble man. Agree the bg enhances the composition. A great job!
Hello. I'm another migrant from WC (where I was KaySilver, I've changed my user name to avoid confusion with other Kays).
I'm so pleased to see a watermedia monthly challenge!

Tanja, that's lovely. You've really captured the calmness of the man, despite that contrasting bright colour of the background. I agree with the others, it works really well. I'm very interested to see you using Neocolor II. I've got some and have been thinking I'd like to use them more.

I chose the same image but I just focused in on the man (his name is Loy? Please thank him Kay, it's a great photo). I used watercolours and watercolour pencils on hot press watercolour paper. It was all going really well until I ruined it by being too heavy-handed with the black sweater!
Daily Bread finished Nov 2021353.jpg
Tanja, You have certainly made Loy the focus, and "everyman". Well done.
Claudia, this is excellent. Hair, beard, ear, so very well done. I think the back of his hand would be improved via a bit of shadowing for roundness,
change of plane, and vein and muscles. Not much, just a tad... Wonderful piece!
Claudia, your portrait of Loy is excellent - I like your muted palette and you have captured his face jand expression very well. The hands are right on and I don't think that you have overworked anything.
Tanja this is great. Love your use of colors.
Claudia love your crop of the reference. Great rendering of the hair. You did not ruin it with the sweater. I like the way it looks.
HI Claudia, I remember you as KaySilver. A most excellent lateral view of Loy and I don't think you've ruined his sweater at all. BTW, he is one of my art students and does amazing portraits. He was also a coworker being a nurse practitioner and me an RN. I'll tell him and also show him the works created on here.
Tanja, nicely done. I'll be interested to see what you do with Neocolors II. I haven't worked with them for years. You got nice results with this one.

Hawkmoth, lovely portrait. You captured his expression very well. Love how you did his hair. It was a good mix of watercolor and watercolor pencils.
Thanks for your kind comments everyone. I really appreciate the feedback. I nearly scrubbed right through the paper with all the lifting and scrubbing I had to do on the sweater, but it seems I managed to rescue it enough.
Loads of time left in the month so I might try one of the other images too.
Hi Claudia, I remember you as Kay Silver! This is a wonderful portrait and a great likeness!