Ai's Inktober series ...


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I am joining Inktober 2021 at ; however, I am not following any given prompt list. I will just try to draw or sketch from any life subject I feel inspired for the day throughout this month of October. Pls. check back. Thanks for looking.

Day#1 -- sketching from an on-line exam proctoring screen.

Ai - Great start, and glad you adapted the Inktober rules to suit you. Looking forward to keeping up with your ink sketches here.
You are really doing an assortment of subjects for Inktober. I love how you capture the students with an economy of lines! Glad to see you participating again.
I found I can keep on doing Inktober when I reach out to sketch plants/weeds/trees/fruits/nature alike...

Inktober#5 -- was a view of a Thai leafy plant that its leaf can be eat if cooked, otherwise, eating them raw might have some light cyanide effect.

Inktober#6 -- Weed .. what could be better than sketching your weed in your garden.... at least I get to explore its botanical elements...
Wonderful weed studies, Ai. Love the different line styles in each sketch that work so well with the leaf shapes.