October 2023 Animal & Wildlife Challenge! Everyone welcome

Anne, wonderful job.

in these, in the first but I believe also in the second I used a different digital pencil

2023-10-27 16-48 2.jpeg

2023-10-27 16-48 1.jpeg
Thanks for the comments.

Joe, good sketches. I especially like the walrus and mouse.
I have another one. This double for Inktober day 28-Sparkle.

20231026Sk9 Gold Eagle (Animal & Wildlife, Inktober 28-Sparkle).png

I'm hoping to do one more since I have figured out a way for it to fit in Inktober too.
Thanks for joining in everyone! I've been hiding ... because I have nothing 😭

Cristel - thanks for starting us off. I love the walrus (I was going to do this one as well!) and the eagle is just beautiful.

Viv - it looks like the acylics worked just fine on the paper! I love those purples and a great fuzzy bee.

E. P. great sketching - I am drawn to the chameleon and the friendly face of the bat.

Sanlynn - this is a beauty! I wish my 20 minute paintings turned out like this! It's so quiet and calming.

Ann - the cow is brilliant! Love the fur. Really great plumage on the eagle too!

Joe - lovely sketches, I especially like the rat and the bat. Well done for doing so many too!

Thanks again :)
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Anne, you have been busy! All are outstanding drawings. I can’t even pick a favourite.
Joe, you’ve also been very busy. Wonderful personality in each animal you’ve sketched. My favourite has to be the last one.
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