October 2023 Animal & Wildlife Challenge! Everyone welcome


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Welcome to October!
How is it October already?!

And welcome to the new challenge. 👋

Please choose from the photos or the reference subject provided or both to create an artwork in any medium.

You can use the photos or reference subject to create any kind of artwork that you like. Any medium or style is welcome!

Please use only the photo’s or the reference subject provided or both.

Most importantly, please wait until the 20th of the month to post your artwork.
You can use the thread to talk about your progress, but please don't tell us whether you're working from a picture or a reference!

Then, on the 20th, please post:
- Your artwork;
- AND , if you wish, any WIP [works in progress] photos that you might have taken while you were doing your artwork.
- AND, if you wish, any comments about it.

Please don’t post your artwork until the 20th day of the month [this is the ‘reveal’ day]

You can continue to post your artwork from the 20th until the end of the month.
The theme for October is ::: Animals from song titles

Here's a few for starters:

(Rock) Lobster




(I am the) Walrus


Three Little Birds


(Cool for) Cats


White Rabbit


(Karma) Chameleon


(Ride a) White Swan


Stand by for part 2 ..


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Part 2 ...



(Size of a) Cow


Crocodile (Rock)


(There's a) Rat (In My Kitchen)


(I Wanna Be Your) Dog


Bat (Out of Hell)


Tiger (Feet)


(Flight of the) Bumblebee - other forms of music acceptable too!


Enjoy! :)
Beautiful photo's and great reference. ! Thanks Kay . :)
Beautiful photos Kay! Thanks for Hosting. Members may be interested - New Zealand has the only Mainland "Royal Albatross" Colony in the world. Located on a very windswept Peninsula in the South Island, here's the link.
Looks like a wonderful set of images this month. Thanks for hosting.
Yahoo - thanks for hosting! I've never seen a white lobster before ... cool!
Just a quick post and a really quick painting, 20 minutes. Daniel Smith Lunar black and some iridescent Antique Bronze manipulated in a lot water. 6x4”.
BBL to comment.

EP - Lovely pages of all the photos, and I love those pops of color!
Sanlynn - Oh hes gorgeous!
Kay, thanks for hosting and the stunning array of reference photos!
Christel, two beautiful works. I really like the eagle, the values are spot on.
Vivian, the high contrast in you bee and flower make it very pleasing to view. I like the way you painted the lavender.
EP, excellent work on all of your drawings! The alligator looks fierce.
Vivian - love your bee!
EP - great drawings!
Sanlynn - love the textures in the painting. Well done!
Thanks for the comments on my work.
Goodness, with Inktober and trying to get some other things in for a challenge, I forgot about this!

Sandra - wonderful restraint, with fabulous texture of paints. Values purrf-ect!
Christel - birds are always my fave; really well rendered feathers.
SanLynn ,EP, Christel ,Vivien, wonderful job.
I haven't started this month yet, I'll try some drawings these days, I just started and I made one for October Animal Wildlife in the other forum.
I know little about albatrosses,thanks Vivien, I'm used to seeing seagulls.
when the beaches are empty of people you could see them, I still believe but now I don't go to beaches much, I saw expanses with hundreds of seagulls.
now even in big cities there are seagulls.
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Christel, beautiful job on the walrus. Love those tusks! I also like your eagle. Wonderful work on the feathers and sparkle in the eye. He has a very confident expression...don't mess with me!

Vivien, nice work on the bumble bee. I like how you captured the transparent wings.

EP, nice sketches. I think my favorites are the lobster and alligator.

Sanlynn, I love your cat. Wonderful work on the soft fur and the sleeping pose.

I just finished mine. I have been participating in Inktober this month and it has kept me busy. I was able to use one of the animals from this month's challenge so I was able to both with one drawing. I am using this for Day 27-Beast in Inktober. Pen and ink in XL Mix Media sketchpad, about 5"x7".

Highland Cow
20231025Sk9 Highland Cow (Animal & Wildlife, Inktober 27-Beast).png