African Pygmy Kingfisher


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Another oldie. We miss this little guy.

Life size, 3 1/2" long. Tupelo, acrylics, ironwood, kingwood, ebony. Like most small kingfishers, they don't fish.


Amazing!!!! The presentation is also splendid. So much attention to detail. Nothing about it goes unnoticed. Beautiful! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Thanks everybody.

We were sorry to see him go, but sell we must. They really do look this droll. This pic better shows the texture on the chest. The toes are boxwood with steel claws.

Thanks again, all. I would have done more kingfishers had I not fallen ill. All the pygmy, dwarf and paradise kingfishers are really cool.

This is a Little Kingfisher from Australia.

little kingfisher.jpg

And a Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher, likewise Australian.

buffbreasted paradise.jpg

And an American Pygmy Kingfisher.

American pygmy.jpg

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, SE Asia.

oriental dwarf.jpg

Another shot of Topper, as we called him, as a WIP.

topper in progress.JPG
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how beautiful they are, I had never seen these colors, these specimens.
The wip was also wonderful.
You are an extraordinary artist.
Three days ago I thought your art that on the olive tree there was a bird that I had never seen here. It was among the sheets, far away, then it flew and it was clear.
usually I can see robin or swallows flying in circles, or pigeons in some places, seagulls in the sea.
or magpies meet, magpies are very beautiful.
this was big, maybe gray or brown, maybe it was a blackbird.
However all of your sculptures are wonderful.
This is really excellent !
This is stunning! The detail is seriously impressive. And what a beautiful bird.