Watercolor sketches inspired by Shibasaki


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I hope this is the correct forum in which to post these. I recently became fascinated by the fresh, spontaneous style of Shibasaki on YouTube. It seems as if he just starts throwing paint randomly, often w/o drawing, then it magically becomes to life. The sheltie was part of a monthly challenge for another forum,and the pineapple for the Art From Life thread weekly challenge at CS. The sketchbook paper lifts easily, and they are rather overworked for sketches. At least I am trying to experiment and work quickly, and (dare I say) sloppily. :) Both are 7 x 9.


At least I am trying to experiment and work quickly, and (dare I say) sloppily.
it's never sloppy .. it just looks that way because it's delivered in one stroke and not blended to death 😆

Very nice work .. pineapple especially
These are both so good Joy! The colours you've used for for the dog are very effective and the pineapple is just wonderful.
I love the colors on your sheltie, Joy! He is amazing! This looks looks loose, but pulled together perfectly. Great job!

The palette on your pineapple is warm and lovely. Beautiful work!
I like both of these. They have a freshness that can get lost when too much time is spent trying to perfect a painting. Hope to see you try this style some more.
These are fantastic Joy !
I especially like the sheltie, his face is full of character.
Good work on the pineapple too, especially the leaves.
I don't know how you do it - I think watercolour paint
is the most difficult medium.
Bravo, Joy! Now you know the thrill of direct painting, getting it down right value/color the first time and not having to do endless repeated wash after wash after wash. Both are wonderful!
Great paintings that show the spontaneity of your brush strokes: like Kay said: first time right! Great work! Nothing sloppy about it! I admire the colors of the shelty and how you did the spikes of the pineapple.
I´ve followed Shibasaki´s channel for a couple of years now, lovely man and a great, modest artist.
A very hard act to follow!
I think you did a great job.
🥰 Thank you all so much for taking the time to look and comment. The input of the artists here is invaluable.
Both are very nice. I love the dog portrait.
Shibasaki is a YouTube treasure!
Both are great, but of course I especially love the sheltie since they're one of my favorite doggies. I love this technique so much. They turned out wonderfully. Great unexpected colors--love that! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Beautiful watercolours, Joy! I love all the fantastic colours you worked into the dog sketch, and the pineapple has some brilliant textural effects going on. So great to see you experimenting - I really hope you enjoyed it and found it interesting. Wonderful results!