question re yarn


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I'm crocheting a wool afghan of hexagon motifs of 5 rounds.
I plan to put a sixth row, maybe double crochet, around each motif, of the same color.

Two questions:
These motifs are made of 3 ply yarn. Will it look okay/be okay to use a 4 ply for that row 6? I will join the motifs with that same yarn.
In row 5 I used a chain 2 at each corner, In row 6, will a chain 3 be enough? Thanks.
I'm not an expert, but I think it would bring a nice texture if it was thicker than the other rows.
Kind of my thinking, too, but don't want to detract from overall appearance if it's going to be too ---"different" or bulky, or.....
Thanks, I will try it. I hope to get the yarn this weekend. If it goes to afghan size, the 4 ply will be good added strength.