Scavenger Hunt from life #85 Sep 23 – Oct 1

Uh-oh πŸ˜ƒ I didn't get a sketch done for this event - I started a couple but kept getting sidetracked. I want to finish both, so will try to post on the next event.

Ai β€” Your overlapping sketch really caught my eye. It's an excellent sketch in every way, but also more than that - it evoked a lot of emotion in me... I see their three faces, so different yet all going somewhere together, and hope and pray they have homes 🏑 Your flower sketches from the forest nook and the cafe garden are beautiful! Your campus must be a wonderful place to walk and dream! 😌

JoC β€” You constantly amaze me with how well you draw glass containers!!! Red this time, and I'm still marveling at the blue one you did a few days ago πŸ˜‚ And wonderful sketch of Gene's corner! Very cool finds to sketch at the docs - love the sketches from there! And the pastel *painting* is tender and beautiful 🩷 Fun TV sketches with lots of color - my fave is the wheel with its artsy cutaways! I had to laugh at your driveway sketch comment - excellent sketch! Hope you enjoyed Urban Sketchering ☺️

Ned β€” I would also like to see your cyanotype πŸ™
Ah sheesh, car "fiasco" indeed πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Be careful πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

EP β€” Your dedication to sketching and expanding your feel for a subject is exemplary. Lovely work on all 4*2!

Joan β€” Wow, your veggies are superb and yummy and filled with color... what a great gallery-ready sketch!!! Dreamy tools! Fun line sketches with their hints of life, but oh my, the corner painting stole my heart. Ever since I came back to these events, I've been trying not to tell you with every painting you share that "it's my new favorite Joan painting" but it keeps feeling that way... and this one, the glass, the sheep, the stone, the words, all of it - gorgeous yet personal, very special. I've probably had 100 or 200 "#1 Joan favorites" by now lol

JoeFletch β€” Ooo, those are truly needle nose pliers!!! Excellent sketch!
Thanks so much for hosting! And wonderful to get to eavesdrop on the conversations about youth, and memories, and growing up, and other places, other times. Means a lot to me 😌

Robin β€” Outstanding sketch of knees, and the whole person as a bonus!!! So good to see you here πŸ’›πŸ˜Œ
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eyepaint, thanks. I used to do pen and ink drawings and add a dollop of red someplace. I only sketch now, no drawings to frame in ages.

Joan, ha. Gene liked the relay race comment. Thanks so much. Fresh tomatoes make a difference! Your two pairs is a lovely sketch. I had a latte yesterday but didn't get time for a sketch in the Tough Cookie.

Ned, you have been busy whether you got the sketch posted or not. Thanks for the fun comments to all. TV does make interesting mistakes in my sketches and I miss something and have to rewind so longer to watch TV and longer to sketch. Ha. Hope the cyanotype came out great.

Hi, Ai. We usually pick restaurants for the food not view!! Ha, ha.

You all keep me sketching!!

This morning on our walk. Sketched at a bench and put color on at home. Joanna got me some more dual point marker/pens and a smaller BookFactory sketchbook. The markers are too strong for regular paper, will have to be on mix media or watercolor paper. So I started with watercolor and wanted to add the bit of orange but was too lazy to get out the watercolors again so used a pen. It was too strong but .... After I took the photo I softened it with water but it was still pretty bright.
Number 17 more plant life - watercolors and Acurit 03

Jo -- I like the colors!

I think the cyanotype came out decently, right now it is flattening and I'll scan it tonight or tomorrow. I'll post a link here when it's in the "world cyanotype day" online gallery :) You can see a few others here. I've been having fun playing around and learning how to do it.

My pocket sketchbook is still out in the car, but that sketch was just more rocks at the beach! Here's another for this hunt:

#2 needle nosed pliers
Ned, how fun you got out your pliers, too. Quite a collection we got going. Cyanotype sounds interesting. You are having fun and have created some beautiful pieces, that's always good.
Joan β€” I somehow missed commenting on your couples sketch... Wonderful!

JoC β€” Lovely place to walk - and your sketch is colorful and inviting!

Ned β€” Stunning cyanotype work!!! Surreal jellyfish!!! I'm absolutely gobsmacked by your cyanothread. Wish I could try it but situationally prevented. The pliers sketch is excellent - very 3D - could pick them up off the page! - can feel their weight!
Pine Cone, thanks for your very kind words. I hope you will be able to sketch something for the next hunt.

Jo, thanks muchly! I like your colorful outdoor sketch. Glad you were able to soften the look of the orange a bit.

Ned, nice work on the pliers. We all have pretty much the same design...maybe with a little change in color. I will have to come back to read your post on the cyanotype. I've gotta get out and do my morning walk now.