Page II .. The Song Birds Listened



Wayne Gaudon .. Alla Prima .. 11 x 14 inches .. Oil on Paper ...
Palette for Donna ... that is the start .. after than anything goes ...
025 copy.jpg

top left to right and down
1 french ultra marine
2 perm ala crimson
3 cad red hue
4 tit white
5 indian yellow

second row

1 plus black blue dominant
2 plus black Crimson dominant
3 plus black red dominant
5 plus black indian yellow dominant
4 plus black black dominant
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Thanks for the palette shot, Wayne. The black you add to your colors really knits them all together so no color seems out of place. The birds are a great addition to this series! They may be listening now but we know they’ll be telling their own stories later.
It always amazes me how much life I find in your paintings - I think this is beautiful!
Very well done Wayne. ❤️ ❤️ 🐦🐤 Now the question, what are the song birds listening to?
Thank you Donna, CaliAnn, and Sno.

They may talk but they may not, they're listening to the blues man tell stories from of old with rhymes that string you along to the point you end up singing: Love, Love, Love, All You Need Is Love La Da Diddy Diddy Da
I love your songbirds! Intrigued by your blacks. This one's got my eye roaming all around. :)
Thank you. I need to settle down my compositions as all this new exploration has me going in a lot of directions at once.
Oh, I really love this one. The Next Sketch thread is looking for birds at the moment too. ;)
Thank you
I would suggest taking the repeat button off The Next Sketch. It would perhaps garner more interest if items were not repetitive.
Ps .. I am guilty as well.