Show us your palette and tell us why

I use the same palette for every painting.

Cad yellow light (superb warmth)
Cad yellow (average warmth)
Alizarin crimson (creates warm shadows with above)
Cad Red (obvious)
Yellow ochre ( mostly mixing to cool warms a little)
Raw Siena (same as above)
Terra Rosa (creates a range of flesh colours)
Raw umber (Base for dark and medium shadows)
Transparent oxide brown
Cobalt blue (neutral)
Cerulean blue (warm)
UM blue (colder)
Permanent mauve (wonderful for shades of cool and warm)
Titanium white
I have a basic palette, then add new colours (in brackets) for a specific painting or just out of curiosity.

Titanium white
cad yellow light
cad yellow med (indian yellow)
cad red
permanent alizarin/crimson (violet)
(emerald green) (australian green/gold)
ultra blue (kings blue) (cerulean)
phthalo blue
(mars violet) (burnt umber)
mars black

I love to add a new colour and experiment to find new combinations for my portraits.
I see I have a tube of PV23, but I don't think I've ever used any of it.

Hermes2020, maybe you should give PV23 a chance, then. I've had i on acrylics and found it very good for mixing, because of its unique set of handling properties, being transparent, dark and strong tinting.

To me, PV 23 is a cooler Violet. Very powerful pigment which I find hard to mix a red and blue substitute. Can be mixed with yellows to make interesting browns that are more transparent than earth pigments. Also can make interesting greys with blue and white, then a little yellow with cool to greenish greys.

P. Barrie, got it. I'll sure give PV23 a try on the future. I just need to paint 50 paintings before that to make room in my drawer for new tubes hahahah
Got it, Maybenartist and Bethany, nice set of colors from both!

I also like to get new colors and experiment with them.. I just got intrested in finding new blacks since trying Perylene Black PBk 31, because of its handling properties, so I've bought 2 premixed tubes from W&N to see what they are like. They are Purple Lake (PV23 + PBr25) and Olive Green (PBk6 + PY110), just for pure curiosity... others I wanna try are pure PV23 (Diox. Purple) , Sap green (PB15 + PY110). I'll be sure to report here my findings about those dark rich pigments on their way
Titanium white
Mars Black -
Cad yellow lt
yellow ochre
burnt sienna
cerulean blue
dioxazine purple
pthalo blue
quinacridone magenta
pyrollo vermillion

I'm mostly a fantasy landscape painter so I like to combine the traditional earthy colors with the modern, high-chroma pigments.
I have some colours that I use almost always use -
Yellow Ochre, Ultramarine, Burnt Umber

Prussian blue has been with me for a long time but I don't always use it. I really like it though, I have an old, large tube from the Swedish brand Beckers. Surprised I don't see prussian blue mentioned in this thread before.

I often use some warm/cool primaries, but they vary with time.
Cadmium Lemon (or something like Strontium Yellow)
Cadmium Yellow, Indian Yellow or similar
Cadmium red or something similar
Alizarin Crimson or Quinacridone Magenta

Ivory black if I'm doing Zorn palette or something with a limited palette

Sometimes more earthcolours - Siennas, transparent oxides and Raw umber
Sometimes a green of some kind.

I like trying new stuff though (I have a soft spot for new art materials ;) ), so sometimes I will throw in something odd. I have tried different cyan like colours which if often some Pthalo version, and I bought a tube of Cobolt Teal but I don't use it that much because it is so expensive. Dioxazine Purple and Glauconite (green) is in my drawer. I used Caput Mortuum in the past but don't have a tube at the moment.

I would propably use Cobolt blue if I had some :)

And I use Titanium white, becuase the only other option here really is Zinc white or a mix of them. Lead white is not sold in my country.