Empty Glass Half Empty Paint Tube



11 x 14 on glass .. knife .. didn't want to waste a sheet of paper .. cost a buck you know .. anyway I think the glass has affected my color but the values are true. There is more red in the color as the glass was over a darkened version of burnt sienna. I only used three or 4 hues 2 of which were left over mixtures from this morning, a purple grey and a tainted red. . I added French Ultra Marine Blue and Indian Yellow .. with white of course. I painted into white like Bob or William would do but my white was Titanium with no oil. You are looking down if I got that part right as this was sitting on my table below my easle.
Most of the color is good but the bottom viewer right had more red purple and the blacks where they shine through should be more dark brown and not blackish.
thank you Joan and Sno .. nothing is easy for some people and I happen to be one of them. :cautious:
I like this. You inspire me to get out of my habit of traditional color and experiment. Thanks.....
Thank you Jo. I play with expressionistic abstractions because it helps me learn about freedom and color. I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the learning you get from playing.