Churchill mural attracts complaints for trademark V-sign

I guess there is always the possibility the story was concocted in an attempt to gain publicity. As if a hotel in Brighton needed controversy.

I actually find the image a little unsettling, possibly due to the incongruity between the two halves of the body.
This would seem the only situation where I would prefer Winston's short fat pale hairy legs (as I imagine them) to those in stockings and suspenders. Jesus, I mean, I would let the owner of those legs use my back like a catwalk.
I think the mural is a bit silly but surely it is just freedom of expression. Maybe if it were me or perhaps my father, I would find it controversial. :unsure:
I remember a couple of years ago reading on WC about a painting of a nude having to be taken down from a wall inside a gallery (not the gallery window) because someone was offended. Small minded nonesense.
The fact the complaint was centred around the two fingered salute and not the image of Churchill, the great wartime leader (in inverted commas), in stockings and suspenders, made me laugh.
Yes, Brigthton is said to be the LBGTQ capitai of the UK. It used to represent a "jolly," a pub crawl day trip escape from London - for us.