Scavenger Hunt from Life #62: Mar 23 - Mar 31

Robin, I always love your curvy lines and color and hatching. These associations made me chuckle. I had forgotten about the artomat blocks. Are they still doing that? I need to use some of the markers I have. I'm sure they are drying up. I like to blend and of course markers don't do that. Sigh... Anyway, delighted to see your sketches!!
you have all posted amazing paintings and drawings.

in the last two weeks I have not drawn anything from life.

yesterday I drew these faces, drawn live but by diveo,
from a live stream on youtube and zoom,
on zoom the artists drew each other,
I've been following the channel on youtube for a few weeks, on Thursday evenings in the last few weeks the artist @dylansara and @parrotscann draw live from photos, and we can see them draw and we can draw together from photos, the videos can be seen live but remain I've seen some on youtube, yesterday's video is also available not live.
yesterday I saw it and drew it live, it was 2 hours, I have for the first 30 minutes.

this is video of yesterday

here you will find my other drawings, of the other Thursdays and the penultimate one is on Saturday, the singer stroame, they are all from photos however, in the posts you will find the link to their profiles, the pages, the best explanation for their video streaming .

to see it and draw I divided the ipad into 2 app

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Joe1lt just saw this what a great idea Thanks, maybe I will see you on Zoom!