Crypto art?


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a few months ago I was about to write a post to ask what crypto art was, or what you thought about it, then I was a little bit forgotten and a little bit I didn't know what to write about it or sure about the English name,

these days this news

cryptoarte, a Beeple sold for 69.3 million dollars
Resounding success of the Christie's auction. The digital work paid in ether. And now the bitcoiners aim to break the all-time record: the 450.3 million for Leonardo's Salvator Mundi

now i was reading this

Kriptoarte, about 5 months ago and last year or 2 years ago, I don't remember, in a program on art, on the same program seen in rerun a couple of times they finally mentioned kriptoarte,
cmq the last time I heard about it I wanted to write a post here, if you had heard about it, if it intrigued you,
I didn't understand anything, sign in the work, boh,

something that comes close to bitcoin? , this close to art, I don't know.
I don't even know about bitcoin,
in reality I try not to think about it and not read anything about bitcoin, I had read about it 13 years ago, on a forum, that they had created this thing and that they could be generated for free with the video card, when I tried, then it was already more and more difficult , already for a month it began to be less obvious, first a bicoin a month then after 3 months, then impossible for free but they still cost little, I was tempted, I am skeptical in general so for fear of viruses I gave up the idea after a few days to extraction with pc, video card or whatever it was .. but I was a bit fixed with the idea. but it had to be free, at least I didn't lose money on it (even if at the end of the day, in life, money or something else I lost it in many ways) nonsense, at that time poker craze broke out, to my best friend ( but I saw first a month, then a week a year that we are from rather distant regions) talked about it, read books, even gave me a rather nice one, even there I decided to try freerolls but without money, thinking that if I lost , I lost nothing, if I won I had to get to € 1000, 500 per bitcoin I rest to replay them, on the sites of my country, I started in these, initially not much, then the free tournaments won or placed, but very few euros, won a few hundred for a few tens of euros then lost in normal games.
instead on ful tilt in the same way it went much better and there the game was also fun, the software is the most realistic I have seen, I exceeded that figure but I did not use them for bitcoin (but maybe I would not have done it anyway), I did £ 2000 but I never withdrew them, my state monopoly made it illegal to play on foreign sites.

crypto-art, containing the word art is something that I personally do not intend to try, art is a word that I consider sacred, I am not exceptional even in games but if free are enough, in the game, drawing, art for me the greatest thing in the world, is to breathe, and if that is not free but I have to pay it is ok sense that they paid me to stop drawing ..)
(I'm talking about material, or books, for school I have thought about it for years but it's late, and then I thought not because I already spent time and money for another university not finished for an episode, a panic attack, which cost access to the last year and also scholarship and therefore finally independence, even if I regret more episodes, things for which I did not find myself attending a course that I foolishly did not write first but second, a binding choice and for which I did not do something that maybe I would be I was able to do it and in that case I could live in a nice place and maybe afford drawing courses and have classes for figure drawing nearby, visit monuments, art exhibitions (never seen before) at least until this was possible ),
I write about crypto-art out of curiosity, but what is it, if it can also include beautiful things, maybe that's something that may interest you.
I accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment for my paintings on my website. I don't mind taking it instead of physical dollars. I consider it valuable like money. I see it like stock.
Artyczar, thanks for the reply,
yes indeed, these are electronic momnete that have been there for some time, that is consolidated, so I agree with what you say, actually the money, or rather, the credit cards, have done the same thing (I think I have written wrong, I meant that I have not thought about it, I prefer not to read it because I think it is one of the few times I had the right idea when 10 years ago I was intrigued but not taken, then they were out of range so reading a quote would hurt me, normally I would say I'm ok, )

I forgot to write what I thought was a main element of cryptoart,
that you do not physically sell something, object does not exist or remains with you, I wonder if you can actually sell only photos of the digital work, and if this can be traditional, I think this would make it even more interesting.

I had forgotten, between saying strange things I forgot to write something that resembles that mechanism of pixel works sold at auction, of the sale of intangible works or of what does not exist or is unsaleable, which is not new and maybe it comes from art , in art there was already, the genre
Marina Abramovich, the performances or Manzoni, the artist's shit, there was an object, but perhaps what they sell there too is not so much the object but the idea.

however NBa sold a dunk of Lebron James,
Nba has in the online store sale of I don't know what.

however it is not something new

Years ago an Italian artist, long before the artist's bananas,
this artist was short of money and told a client, perhaps an entrepreneur, someone who had already bought from him, I don't remember, however he told him you want to buy an invisible work, I need this amount and it's yours.
he bought and the artist told him, in a week they come to take it to your house.

a van arrived, on the scheduled day, van arrived, workers, unload invisible work, ask where to place it, stay a while, do everything right, client did not understand what was happening, he had forgotten about the purchase (one of the 2 perhaps had drunk or both I don't know), no okay, he had forgotten, I was thinking of a joke, then they gave him the invisible work, maybe 50 or 70 years ago.

what is happening now is perhaps more reminiscent of video games, from second life onwards it seems to me that already from there, they sell for real money (perhaps with prices like real ones but they were virtual) accessories or things for games, clothing for characters etc, apart from app sales in (app in, mechanism that I never liked but still don't know it well, from second life I remember what I saw on TV, I liked video games a lot but this and mmorg not so much (so I don't know how it worked but there is a shop like NBA), I loved video games, the linear ones (something structured almost like a film or real interactive films as far as PCs are concerned) or sports, sports or arcade of the first arcades the favorites, so multiplayer was always limited to 2 people) so it is more a matter of taste but selling in the game, however, is strange, a little annoying, they are examples, different things but probably, perhaps , or cmq tastes.
i had no idea how it worked before writing, now more, i read here, although it should be pro article.
poetry is a bit past me, perhaps it has similarities with what nba does
is different from what I thought, this is also a somewhat closed circuit or a strange chaos, or almost similar to affiliations (something else that started to feel like a 10 or 20 years ago), (paying first), that is, I don't know if I'm wrong examples, however, with classical art (or digital art itself, or even online markets, merkatplace) there is less in common than I thought,
I don't see this as too dissimilar than selling art licensing. It's just with NFT art, there just isn't a physical work to begin with (most of the time), unless you count the digital stamp as the original. If I sell someone the printing rights to an image from a real painting for X amount of dollars for X specific reasons, what is the difference if the source is a tangible piece of artwork or a digital source? Yes, anyone could come along and copy it for free, but that's not the ethical way to go about it. Anyone can use a piece of someone else's music too, but that's not how to do it legally with permission. Same with almost every piece of writing. Maybe it seems ridiculous to some people--to pay so much money to own the original version of Nyan Cat, but then again, why should it be available all over the place for free without any recognition to the designer of it? If someone is willing to pay for it and there is a way to keep track of it, keeping the transactions honest, why not? It actually seems more foolproof than signed editions. How many fake Dalis are out there (pre-signed etchings) that he never even approved? And he's one of many artists that are faked.

I'm not making any commentary on how good or bad this art is. That shouldn't even be the part of the issue. But it's a new media and a new way of paying for it that needs to be taken into consideration--not just dismissed since it's real.
as a profane of art but it also applies to the economy, so mine are preconceptions perhaps,
my fear that I had come reading the article and that they could sell this to the mass as online trading, as something easy, as you pay a little but earn billions, but in trading, the platforms that bombard advertising even on TV, in continuation to attract many I believe that they feed on the many who approach inexperienced.
i.e cryptoart i think if you are new to programming to that type of creation, if if still new to art world too, i would not start with that,
I think it is good if you are in art and you already know other markets and then you try with knowledge, or if you have published, created art, paintings etc., you have never created but you have already created some multimedia content of some kind, and then you try to increase the artistic part in the contents that you know how to create, or start the art with this medium you know, or mechanisms you know.
that is, it was perhaps more an internal discourse. feelings (for complexity and because I would appear from 0 on too many things to really try to deepen, knows the subject)
I didn't want to judge in general.
and that initially I thought I was talking about it or thinking of it as something you could only earn so I didn't want to get that message across but I didn't want to say the opposite either, as I did, and that it came to me hot like this, that which I think, also in the light of your correct clarifications and that it is something that must be studied, faced with knowledge, but this actually applies to everything.
what I like about art, which is a world in the world, so there is variety, beauty (see beauty, see talent, then, rightly, tastes are tastes and how everything is complicated, and in everything there are many factors) and regardless of the genre, various genres of art are actually something that you cannot improvise, but it always counts to put effort into it, to be really active. that is, it makes me think of something in which there is talent and democracy.