Chalk Tree.


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This painting was done for a friend and was based on a chalk drawing by an unknown artist.
11x14 oil on stretched canvas. Only 2 colors uses were paynes gray and titanium white.

chalk tree.jpg

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Nice. It reminds me of a Christmas card with the bright glow of the tree against the dark background.
This is beautiful. I get less a festive feel and more of a spooky, ghost-like feel. Walking down a lonely road in the fog.

Terrific handling of the oils with an extremely limited palette - wow!
I got foggy too. Something about this is really lovely. I really like it a lot. Probably because it's unique and gives off definitive mood. Really well done. :)
Thanks everyone. Its really not the kind of thing I would have picket to paint myself but I'm happy with how it turned out.
Working on it I kinda imagined it as being trees along the edge of a frozen pond but I did the bottom last and after that it reminds me of headlights shinning on the trees.