Canal life, Thailand


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This is a scene from the famous Bangmod canal in our orchard community of south suburb of Bangkok, Thailand. I did it life, about 6x8 inch on my sketchbook with directwatercolor. I was drawing this from a humble cafe. The cafe owner was so happy to see my sketch. Thanks for looking.


Thanks so much Maureen, ntl, Arty, and Deborah. I am grateful to get to do it at that time and place.
This is a story in itself. I like the plant in the bowl, too. I love seeing where you live, thanks for sharing.
No wonder the cafe owner was happy with this - you made his view look better than life!
Ai, lovely painting! Thanks for the canal view! It's possible that I once went with a boat on this very same canal, it was outside of Bangkok, I don't remember the name of the canal but it was a big canal and beautiful boat ride. I saw all kind of life, houses, children swimming, plants, even markets boats from our boat. It was January many, many yrs ago. Your painting brought back wonderful memories. Thanks for showing your art.
Ai, That is so spontaneous and fresh! I really strive for that type of feel, but overwork so. Lovely greens.
Ai, I love when you do these local sketches and share your part of the world with us. This is lovely!!