Scavenger Hunt from Life: #90 - Nov 2 - 10

Joan, thanks on the pizza cutter, my first thought always is about food and wine! Your walker is well done. Those angles get to be confusing. Love the self portrait! I'm smiling to see you.

Thanks, Fletch.

Sketched on the porch with my handy iPad and Brushes app. No layers or fancy anything. Did change brushes to add texture.
Number 3, something that smells good - Gene's homemade McMuffin, ham, egg and cheese.

Jo, thanks. I love the translucent wrapping on the candy...and red of course!
I followed Joan's lead and did a selfie for all the face items. I don't like photos of myself so don't care for sketched selfies either, probably because they look like me. Ha.
This is in the BookFactory sketchbook with a Micron 01 I used Facetime for my mirror.
Number 6 has hair, Number 7 a pair of eyes, Number 8 nose and Number 9 mouth

Joan — Thanks! Your lovely farmstand has that unique "farm" feel to it, and great find for "one wheel". And your 3-wheel sketch is not only fantastic, but truly beautiful in other ways 😌 as is your lovely, gentle, soulful self-portrait 😌 Love the vibrant colors of the leaves and weight!

JoC — Beautiful blanket with that bold Navajo pattern and colors! Like Joan, you made a great find for "one wheel"! When I read that on the list, all I could think was 'I wonder if anyone has a unicycle!!!' Lotsa sheen on that cool pizza gizmo 😃 and the texture on your excellent McHomeMuffin really makes the whole meal sing (and makes me hungry).
Wow, the shades of red you achieve always boggle my mind. Your deep enjoyment of red really makes your work special, this piece included.
But your beautiful and kind face is what brings the most happiness. What a tender view of your soul 😌

Ai — Thanks! 👋

Joe/Fletch — Thank you so much 😄 I've been out of the loop for years, and the world (including you guys on these events) has left me behind with the fantastic digital work being done, but your comment brought back ancient memories of the excitement of experimenting and discovery that I used to feel 😌
Ditto Joan's question about your watercolor practice. And *please* post watercolor stuff if you're willing - doesn't have to be event-specific or from life. Everything you do can be considered "event-adjacent", at the very least. Because all your classes and learning and education end up showing in your event sketches too, so it all counts, at least in my version of the Universe 😇
Jo, glad you did a selfie. It covers a few items quickly and gives us a chance to "see" you.

Pine Cone, thanks for your kind, always positive comments to me and all of us. It always makes me smile when I see that you have posted something.

14 - made of glass (beads) - watercolors and ink


15 - has a design on it - watercolors and ink

Pine Cone, thanks so much. I think I've noted that your comments always make me think and investigate more.

Joan, different for glass, the beads. Clever! The pendant is neat, you have glittery ink or watercolor?? More to learn!!
Joan — Thanks so much! I was just looking at your selfie again, and then at these beautiful jewelry pieces, and I could see you wearing them!!! The lovely blue heart with just the right amount of sparkle, the serene colors and composition of all the beads... elegant items, and eye-catching sketches ☀️

JoC — Thanks so much! ☺️

Ai — Cool leaves! Love the diversity and the sepia color!!! 🍂
I agree with JoC about your "nice strong lines and form". In fact, your third sketch, very bold, reminds me of Jo's sketch of the pattern in her Navajo rug!!! ☺️
Jo, thanks. Yes, I have some glittery watercolors. I bought a few individual gold/bronze colors. They sell sets of a lot of colors but I couldn't imagine using other colors. They come in handy once in a while.


Ai, I like the lines on your selection of leaves. Nice!!

Pine Cone, thanks. Last night my sketch group's theme was costume jewelry, so I dug out a few different things to sketch. I'm one of those people who has an assortment of jewelry but I tend to wear the same things over and over. I almost always wear the same necklace...only my earrings change a lot. It was good to look thru what I have and find things I had forgotten about. It's like shopping at home. lol
Pine Cone, hi there.

Joan, the shiny watercolors look fun. I like your idea of shopping at home. Lovely bed in your digi world.. Yay..

I sketched at the dining table today in the Strathmore sketchbook, large, one page. I used Pentel marker pens. Don't know how I've ended up with so many. The colors are all too similar to have so many brands.
Number 10 leaf, with challenge of 3
Number 11 made of ceramic 3 bowls
Thanks all for kind comments. I am exhausted with super 7 days busy week for both my work and the girl's school PTA meeting on weekend ... eek.. I wish I had more time and energy to sketch.

Lovely works in all media Joan. Glad to see your new waves of cool digi. too. Love your glass beads, and the golden heart pendant (Murano possibly ?). I am thinking of what you will put the gold wc next... Holidays is

Jo: Beautiful leaves, ink pieces, selp-portrait, and the stunning pastel.

PineCone: Thanks a lot.

Other: Hello.
Jo, thanks. Jerry wanted to know if I was sketching him. I said I was sketching the bed. "But I'm in it," he said.LOL I like your leaves and bowls. It is amazing what we accumulate in materials without realizing it.

Ai, thanks. Sorry you've been so tired with your busy weeks and haven't had time to sketch. I bought the gold watercolor to use as touches here and there. I have a gold Signo gel pen but I can't use it on larger areas. This works well.