Scavenger Hunt from Life #88: Oct 17 - Oct 25

That went fast! I only managed two:
1 - something you sit on
2 - keeps you warm: a fleecy blanket

My attempt
Miniature in digital.

1Something Dangerous Schrek, Nelson from the Simpson (Bully of Bart

2Somethingplump, 2 is obelix sorry Obelix,
obelix He would say
«Gros, moi? Non… juste un peu enveloppé, c’est tout (Grasso io? No… Sono solo un po’ cresciutello)»

2023-10-25 12-37.jpeg
Yesss!!...I love to do still-life with models won't move away easily.

#5 golden ... a french baguette...done with kiddo poster paints or kiddo gouache on cardboard box. I am new to this medium.


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Triduana: Lovely chair and blanket combo.

Joe1: You must be in down south of Italy, I am guessing. Fantastic sketches of digi. cartoon characters.

Jo: Sorry I miss your glorious glow landscape in pastel. It is so truly beautiful. I also like your sketch of the local bank too, very classic.
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Kay D, so happy to see you and a great sketch. Good perspective and soft looking blanket.

joe1lt, I always love your minis. I think the quote in English might be, "I'm not fat, I'm fluffy." I had that on a cup with a painting of a sheep. I've never been to Italy or anywhere in Europe so enjoy the sights with Joan and yourself.

Ai, you always get my appetite going. I can smell the bread. Good job with the gouache. I use it once in a while for adding white to watercolor. I need to get some more colors and try it.

Paul, thanks for the Hunt. See you soon.

I realize I didn't post this I did for Inktober. It is from life and can fit here for
Number 9 Decorative ornament - a star hanging with wire, beads and ceramic stars. As usual, I've sketched it before. In the Canson mix media sketchbook with a variety of inks.

Ai,Jo,wonderful job-
Ai,yes ,sud,Calabria.
Ai:..I love to do still-life with models won't move away easily.
Ai,yes,good idea but I always eat food before I draw it
in English might be,

Am I fat? No... I'm just a little grown up)"
Sometimes they tell him he's fat to make fun of him and he gets offended and responds like that. He also has incredible strength because as a child he fell into the magic potion and therefore he is always strong while the other French (Gauls) drink the magic potion to fight against the Romans, he doesn't need it even if he would like to eat it, drink it anyway. cartoon title is Asterix
Kay, your chair and Cody blanket came out great.

Joe 1, nice plump character sketches.

Ai, your bread looks like something I would like…crunchy on the outside.

Jo, your Texas stars made me smile.
Fletch🕊️ No guilt, just sooooo grateful always, and now more than ever. Plus, I admit trying to make a case for my own turn to beg..... to see a ProCreate sketch from you again one of these days. But I thought later about how busy you are as a devoted caregiver, and how important it is to do only what brings you the greatest artistic pleasure during the rare moments you have to give to art. I apologize Fletch 🙏

Ai — I love your idea to meet... a dream that is good to have simply for the joy of imagining it 😌 I love how you said "thrive for living" and will try and do the same 😍

JoC — Thank you so much, and I very much hope there will be a way to accept your generous offer sometime in the future 🙏😌 Fun "cash station" sketch - I'm trying to remember if I know what a Wexford pen is??? Lovely, sparkly stars 🤩

Triduana — Lovely and graceful sketch of the chair and blanket! It's good to see your work again ☀️

joe1lt — Cool 😎 very expressive faces! and love your words and what they would say with double translations 💛

Ai — Oh no, more yummy food LOL! You paint beautiful food and I can't believe you painted it so well on a cardboard box! 😋

Paul — Thanks for a fun event!!!
Pine Cone, thanks. The Piochoo and Wexford pens are cheap colored ink with dual points. Piochoo has a brush and fine line. The Wexford have a thicker and a thinner harder tips sort of like Sharpie Markers. Kids gave them to me so feel obligated to use them. Ha.