Scavenger Hunt from Life #88: Oct 17 - Oct 25

Sketched at my computer desk with a Micron 02 in the BookFactory sketchbook. The back scratcher doubles for Inktober Day 22 scratchy.

Number 4, easy chair or anything you sit on
Number 5, something you can eat
Number 6, gift or something you received from a friend, back scratcher that extends and you can use it for an art mahl stick. Cost $1 or so at the dollar store and a "real" mahl stick costs $20 or more online. This one you can stick in your art kit or back pack. (Sketch doubles for scratchy - day 22 Inktober)

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Fletch, I think yelp is fairly worldwide. Though as a seafaring man you might like the boat.

Jo, I’ll meet you and Fletch there. I like the way you did the chair cushion. Good idea for using the backscratcher as a mahl stick.

10 - part of a room - Procreate

Jo - The chair, the pair of pears, the backscratcher/mahl stick all great pen work, love you lunch idea.

Joan - I think you hit the hang of digital. The window and chair look more like watercolor and in’ than digital. The hand looks like a very delicate touch graphite! 👍🏽👍🏽

Already know what I would order at the Ostaria. Calamari for appetizer. Clams in white wine sauce over linguine as an appetizer. Wash in all down with the house Chianti. But best would be the fabulous dining companions,

As to liking ships here is the wallpaper on my ipad

keep sketching
Damn that looks delicious. Sounds like we have similar taste in food. Unfortunately I am making boneless skinless pan fried chicken and mixed veggies for us. ☹️

#1 food storage - Multiple grades of graphite in A5 sized sketchbook. Perspective needs work but my excuse is I drew the outline standing than sat down to shade. Used a ruler to straighten far edge and between the doors. Also took artistic license withe magnets on the front.


Kerp sketching
Fried fish 👏. during the time I watched Netflix, I always saw the episodes given to Phill to feed.

Does others like it? Various episodes in A, Erica but also in many other nations and cities, in Italy he went to Venice. He was in Mexico, Portugal, Bangkok and other beautiful places. He is nice and eats everything and makes friends in every episode. He was the sitcom director, everyone loves Raymond. I remember that I saw her maybe at the first pass, I think I liked her but now I don't remember her much, one of the first.
I choose object in list for tomorrow
Mmmm, Joan, your food looks and sounds scrumptious. I'm soooo ready. I'm with Fletch, I thought your window and chair was ink and watercolor! Applause. I do like your pinchers, too.

Fletch, the backscratcher is so handy, about 10 inches long so easy to carry in with pencils or whatever. Your food made me hungry but at this hour I settled for graham crackers and milk. Not exciting. I really like your desktop photo, looks like it would make a nice pastel. Your fridge sketch is great. You do top notch shading.

Hi joe1lt Hope to see your sketches. I don't have Netflix but like food shows!

I finally went outside and sketched on the other back porch, no screens off our bedroom, about the same view as the screened in porch. I posted in Plein Air and Pastels, too. Then realized it could be here.
Number 7 shrubs or landscape - toward the easterly pond. Left out some trees on left for composition. Wiped off a mostly red still life, brushed with alcohol for drips, UArt paper 400 grit sanded with various pastels. UArt paper curls so it is hard to glaze over with a light touch as the "valleys" aren't as wide stick friendly as flat Pastelbord. It was good to get out and play in the dust anyway. You've seen this scene before. Ha.


Outback 2, 12 x 9 inches pastels on UArt 400 grit sanded paper.
My wife and I visited our son in New York and saw Hamilton Sunday afternoon, if you ever get a chance to see GO!

Jo: Great collection of sketches love that job on pinch well done hand the pastel work is beautiful!

Fletch: Thanks...... good perspective on food storage

Joan: Thanks..... love all the boats well done and good on you for sneaking in a few digital sketches and that fried dish looks delicious

Ai: Thanks..... good find for cylinder shape. It has been a long time since I have seen a typewriter, well done.
Jo, thanks, formidable painting.
Jo, yes, yes, there are various interesting food programs. I see some. or in the evening on a channel for a period they did
or documentaries on art, museums or periods on art or they alternated on travel programs, places. such as the programs with him, Portillo (English presenter but I saw the programs translated into a national programme, original I believe they are BBC programmes), and his train journeys following guides written in the late 19th or early 20th century., he made various editions, multiple programs, with different itineraries, 2 series were set in the United States, the first was wonderful, beautiful programs.

You're welcome Jo, after posting, I searched on YouTube and saw that there were all the episodes of the Australia series, original audio, in English.
Australia and the America season were the first seasons I watched. nice, I'll post the link to the first episode.

the link I posted previously was just a few minutes of an episode, which is the only episode that I believe was filmed in Italy. episode of another series filmed in Europe, in that series he used a more recent guide written after the 1930s, so the tones and architectures shown are different from those we would see in the other programs he hosted. I was moved, I liked and moved the episode set in Spain, meet George Orwell's son in Spain because George Orwell was a war reporter in Spain, so they talk about him, about it and in those places.
perhaps if we really knew and remembered George Orwell's books they would prevent the things that are happening from happening again.

Great Australian Railway Journeys | Port Augusta to Darwin | The GHAN | Series 1 E01​

the link I wrote above that doesn't work, that says not available, was always this one on Australia, maybe I copied it badly, but now I've rewritten it and it works,ok, the next post I write will be with drawings, I promise
Joe 1, nice to see you. I love travel shows especially if the are to someplace I have been. I like to see if my favorite places are included.

Fletch, really nice shading on the fridge. The one in our apt here is boring so I’m not sketching it.

Paul, glad you had a good trip and saw something you enjoyed. I haven’t seen a play in NYC in a long time. With my husband’s disability the city isn’t happening. I would have to go with a friend instead.

— Fun bike! And super nozzle sketch ☺️ but your selfie steals the show - so wonderful to see your beautiful face 👋 And your hand is exquisite and even shows your kind personality ☺️ I love the stories with your items - like about the back scratcher (aka mahl stick!) - interesting sketches, very appealing!
..........Exceptional pastel painting. I'm hoping that your use of alcohol means you won't be able to "reuse" this paper again. Sweet Heaven above, please keep this one. I'm thinking that we (me and Fletch and anyone else who desires) ought to go in together on whatever "fixatif" might be used with pastels, buy a CASE (or three) of the fixatif, send it to your kids along with a whole bunch of Pastelbords in various sizes, and have your kids drop by every few days and "fixatif" whatever you've painted, and set up a new, clean Pastelbord on your easel, ready to go.

Ai — Yum 😋 a fruit tart, sigh, wish I had one handy. Closest I can come at the moment is a soft drink with [probably fake] "cherry" flavor LOL ☺️ Your sketch of the heliconia is truly lovely with its amazing colors and wonderful shapes and blends - wow! If I was that tourist, I would have requested a pic too 😂 As others have said, it seems impossible that your baby girls have grown up so fast... 💕 I keep coming back to study your vivid and delicate zinnia sketch - beautiful and peaceful - makes me so happy 😌 I'm a pushover for ancient typewriters - love your sketch of it. Faithful in every detail and full of character. Fantastic work 😍

Joan — Your portrayals of buildings, and beautifully aging brickwork and textured walls, continue to astonish me. Extraordinary new views of Venice. Fantastic work. We are so lucky to be able to see your paintings and share in your trip 🙏😍
..........And as for your Procreate sketches, you're an absolute instant prodigy... Your couch and spice sketches are fun, and your draped window is sensitive and welcoming. Your hand is delicate and beautifully done.
..........I have to say that you have a very special and immediate affinity with ProCreate. Your work reveals that you are capable of a light touch and thoughtful approach that has given you instant success with ProCreate. And that expert gift of a light touch has given us who see your ProCreate work beautiful new views of your life there in Venice that fill us with peace and inspire us.
..........Back to your paintings... Had to laugh at your "leaky" choice, but wow, the detail you captured is impossible, but there it is - amazing! 😃
..........Can you give us hints on how you did the water in the sketch of post #14? Do you mask the thin white lines? I have had no end of trouble with painting water, and would love to learn... 🙏 And I agree with Fletch's request for a lesson in brickwork. And Ai's request to see a photo of how you set up a stool for sketching in Venice 🙏

Paul — I'm sorry but I had to smile at what you said about "remove" being mysteriously "removed" 🙃 these things happen 😳 blame your device 😇😊 The "CAT" is drawn so perfectly that I did a double-take when it's identical twin was trailored by me as I sat in my car yesterday. And your hand and the paper itself were so beautifully drawn that I've been studying it every day since you posted it. Lovely sketch of the red pepper spice!

joe1lt — Lots of interesting info, thanks!!! I've never seen a food show in real life, but it sounds intriguing. Years ago, I read one by Orwell, but I'm not sure even Orwell realized how much we would be actively participating in the things that governments have decided to do to their citizens.

Fletch — Your outstanding kitchen sketch needs no excuse - wonderful and inspiring, and I'm adding it to my "Joe collection" on my iPad 😍
..........On a previous event, you mentioned that you are "currently trying to maintain my graphite skills and learn watercolor but you are giving me thoughts to work at learning to use digital better". I beg you, YES!!! Except with the caveat ---> just do it for fun, you are already excellent!!!
..........If you feel I'm out of place asking (begging) you to do an occasional ProCreate sketch, well, yeah, but remember it was you that badgered me relentlessly to get ProCreate and give it a try, despite my initial reluctance and refusal. But you persisted, and soon I bought my first iPad Pro (2016) [which I couldn't afford] and when it split in half, that inevitably led to my second iPad Pro (2020) which I *really* couldn't afford - and I'm so glad I got them, because even though I'm now suddenly homeless, I can still sketch a few things here and there, and try new stuff, and enjoy at least a shadow of my life before it was destroyed. So Joe, you were relentless, and I'm eternally grateful... and would love to see you having a little fun with ProCreate from time to time, if the fancy strikes you...
Jo - Beautiful pastel. Great play of light as always but saving this one to study your clouds. Excellent!

Paul - Thanks for the kind words and for hosting.

Joe1 - Thanks for the links.

Joan. - Thanks for the kind words. I need to agree with Pine Cone you are a Procreate prodigy. Could not have put it better.

Pine Cone - You manage to make me feel both guilty and happy at the same time for getting you to crossover to Procreate and iPad. 😎 We share the desire of being perpetual students so I know I will keep dabbling with Procreate and learning more as I am with watercolors.

Hunt 89 is posted. I hope early enough for Ai to get it on time

Keep sketching
PineCone: Thanks so much for kind words.

Wow Joan, Fletch, Jo : Amazing sketches. I run out of time to details comment.

Joan: I don't do lots of sketch with entres... more of my food sketches are desserts+ cafe snack things. If I am confronted with the superb calamari+shrimp fritti... I don't think I can sketch.

Joe1: How far is Venice from your hometown ?

All: Let's meet in Venice at the place that Fletch has picked for us from Yelp... Next year or so... ah a good hope I am looking forward to. I know this is nearly impossible for us all but it sure is something good to tangling my positive subconcious mind to thrive for

Paul: Thanks so much for hosting this Hunt.
joe1lt, thanks again, I will enjoy traveling and eating!

Pine Cone, you made me laugh out loud. Thank you so much. When you get settled someplace again I will be happy to send you a sketch/pastel of your choice before it is wiped. There is just no place in my world to store all the sketches and paintings. My kids will love your story. Thank you...

Thanks, Fletch. Clouds are fun. I was told long ago to make sure they tie in with the painting subject and don't distract. I get carried away and may overdo the clouds. Ha.

Thanks, Ai.

Thanks Paul for a fun Hunt. Happy that some items did dual duty here and in Inktober.

Number 8 outside view of street or building - our local bank has an ATM, "The Cash Station", in an old gas station a block from Main Street downtown. Done in the Canson travel sketchbook with ballpoint pen and then color added with Micron 02 and Wexford pens.