Scavenger Hunt from Life #86: Oct 1 - Oct 9

We are in Venice. Very spotty internet here. We only get service in one room of the apartment if at all.

Jo, I don’t think that is a working phone booth but it is cute. I like your sketch of the path…great texture to the tree bark. Nice job on the house.

Ai, so many different plants…cool! It looks like we could hop right on the motorcycle.
I think I missed a few sketches…sorry. I think I was on

9, 10, 11 - heads or faces at the airport

All — More comments later, but for now...

Joan — Venice!!! 😃 I'm so happy for you guys 😂😄 And what amazing sketches, these two above... the second one has such a different feel, I'm assuming you sketched it there in Venice? I feel like I could reach out and feel the texture of the wall, and the whole vibe is mysterious and enchanting! Have a wonderful time, and I hope you will post some pics too if you feel you can... I can't stop my face from smiling to think of you there 😄
1, 2, 3 — "trees (3 kinds)"
..... 1 yellow tree (the skinny one) (looks almost aspeny but can't be)
..... lots of trees with needles (pines and spruce trees)
..... lots of trees with still-green leaves (no idea what kinds)

4.1 — "have legs"
..... association ---> have legs -> destroyed but still walking -> homeless -> *hidden* strength
..... sketched freehand in the ProCreate app on iPadPro with an Apple Pencil
..... sketched mostly in my mobile studio - darkened the windows later

Joan has been very encouraging towards me about trying to draw my first sketch of a house. This house was *very* far away from where I was sitting in my mobile studio. It's surrounded and nearly hidden by a zillion protective trees. Large, very old, tall trees. My iPad kept slipping against the steering wheel, but I think it helped the sketch lol 😁 There was a low fence or wall blocking any view of tree trunks. That was fine because I just wanted to sketch *tree groups*, shadows (which I never added), and flatten everything out to show the mystery, the hidden aspect.

Ai, lovely plants and photo. The motorcycle and helmet ... excellent.

Joan, good you have internet. You will surely enjoy your trip and we will love going along with you!! Fantastic airport and airline sketches. Color even!! Whoot. Beautiful windows, I just love windows and doors. Yay...for you guys to be there.

Pine Cone, excellent. Clever sketch and just love the style. Mystery and hidden, indeed!!
Number 3 how to get from point A to B - Gene's old bike map
Number 4 legs - man and dog on our path from the porch
Number 5 edible - protein bar
3 and 4 double for Inktober

Hi All!

I'm still hoping to participate in this one. 4 of the last 5 days I've gone over to the coast fishing. I took my sketchbook the last two days but didn't want to touch it after cutting bait. Today I had an idea and took a pair of nitrile gloves with me. I used them when I cut the bait and it worked! Then I reached into my knapsack with my clean hands and realized my sketchbook was in my car. So no sketches yet but some comments:

Joan -- I liked the way the 3 trees are in front of the oyster company ( next to something that looks like a British phone booth, or a tardis? ) Seems like you'd really need to be in trouble to call Al's mobile boat service :) Like the seasonal sunflowers/pumpkins. Oh wow, Italy! Hope you enjoy it and the Venice wasn't too horribly crowded. The windows/wall/plants are fabulous.

Ai -- that vodka bottle is funny. I have a silver espresso maker like that but I usually only use it when I'm camping or backpacking. Like the highlights on your painting. Like the quick ink 3 plants... and the motorcycle is great.

Robin -- like the sign and the way you photographed those on the grass... the flowers are great.

Jo -- I don't know why but I don't want the extra pressure of trying to do inktober ... I feel like I'm doing good if I manage something for here! :) I always like your trees and those are no exception. Nice old house with character. Like the 3 sketches ( the dog looks so happy! ) and its' cool how that coaster made a kind of frame for your drawing.

Pine Cone -- I hope you are feeling better. Like the house peeking through!
Joan, Jo, PineCone: Super sketches.

Jo: Thanks. Such nice sketch of man and his dog, good map book, nice protein bar. Truly inspiring.

PineCone: Thanks. Good simple take of nested subjects. Keep on rolling.

NedL: Thanks for your words. Glad you had a great time with nature despite not for a sketch time.

I too had a sketch tote with me, but I got tired so ended up just sat and waited and sipped the tea while wait for Tone to take Lily to see the doctor (minor case of zit problems). I myself went in for my skin check yesterday (if it was a skin cancer mold or not) at the same hospital...My result was OK but I had to be in a bad traffic jam for so long, that it gave me a bad headache last night after the hospital trip. So this morning, I ask Tone to take Lily to her skin doctor. Urgh !!!
Ned, your preparation for sketching sounds like mine! No matter how prepared I'm missing something. Looking forward to your fishing sketches. Inktober isn't too hard since I sketch in ink most of the time. I do like to try to follow their prompts just for something different. I'm not on social media much so post on my blog and Linkedin.

Ai, thanks so much. Always a challenge to get to Doctor appointments, especially when it is not urgent. Traffic even in our small town is getting to be ridiculous. Take care of yourself!!
Jo, thanks. Between the internet not being great and working on my iPad instead of a laptop, posting takes much longer. It is fun to see actual road maps since so few people use them any more. I like the truck on the coaster too.

Ned, sounds like you were all prepared to sketch except for the sketchbook. Venice isn’t as crowded right now as it is in the summer, but there are a lot of people especially when you are trying to go down narrow streets. Jerry has a rolling walker which makes it difficult (but not impossible).

Ai, I’m glad your skin check was ok. Too bad about the headache from sitting in traffic.

At this point I don’t know how many of each item I’ve posted. This sketch has a vehicle and lots of buildings.

Joan: Thanks. Glad you and Jerry make it there to Venice. Enjoy the trip, sketch and eat !!! Lovely canal sketch. Love the hanging cloth lines as well.
Wanted to post this then be back with comments. Initially I sketched this in pencil than came in out of humidity to clean it up but quickly gave up and just inked over sketch lines than erased the penci.
# 1, 2, 3 - three plants

keep sketching
he is all creating beautiful works, even in the previous hunt.
Joan, it's nice that you are in Italy, in these beautiful places, nice to see the works you are creating.
then when you return you will speak Italian better than I write in English,
I will comment on the drawings of the hunts in Italian.
Ai, thanks. I hope some of it looks familiar.

Fletch, I like your variety of plants.

Joe 1, my Italian is almost nothing…just the basic greetings.
Sorry for not commenting on the rest of these amazing sketches... they are wonderful and have raised my spirits...

Back in April, somebody I cared about very much became sick. They were very much younger than me, and strong. I had hoped they would soon be well, but in fact, they have now died...

Will keep sketching, and coming here for inspiration.