Scavenger Hunt from Life #77: Jul 21- Jul 29

Joan, ahhhhh, such a pretty downtown scene. Fun item find of the clock for the Hunt! Applause.

E.J.H., thanks. Working dogs are great.

Ai, thanks. Hard to wait to eat something that looks so good.

I finally set up my items and sketched. I put in the big watercolor sketchbook. I started with the bottle and got it too small so the whole sketch was smaller than I planned. It is only about 10 x 8 inches. Too small for watercolors, I don't have any one hair brushes. So added some colored pencil. I left out the rock and the yellow box cutter thing in the photo but got them in the sketch. Ha.

E.J.H. and Ai, thanks so much!

Jo, thanks. I love your still life setup. Bravo!!

The new hunt is posted here.
Ai: That cheese cake would make a great subsitute for anythoing MMM deliciuos
looking, well done!

nice finds, very confident sketches well done.

Joan: Nice find for clock cute scene love it!

Jo: Well, well, well very nice I can't beleive you got all 26 items. wow well done
Thanks Joan and Paul. The last geranium blossom for my flower! It’s been too hot for even them. Guess it is hot everywhere this week. Stay cool.
See everyone on Joan’s Hunt.
Here is my original 26 item for the first time this list was posted. This was my favorite list ever and I have done it with different items about three or four times.


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J that is amazing... I remember your set ups from Wet Canvas and I was always amazed how you were able to do so many items in one sketch... Good for you.... Hope you are feeling better.
Jeanne, I remember your still-life setups too! Seeing it again brings a smile to my face. I wish I could find the one I did, but I know it would be a hunt that I don't want to undertake. I hope you are doing better!
Jeanne, wow! And thank you so much. I know it isn't easy for you to be online and type. I always loved all your items that you had and if you remember we exchanged a few. What fun memories. Love the saxaphone and giraffe. Whoopee!
Sorry folks, I ran out of steam to do the still-life set up, as we just came back from the cabin.

Jo: Love your still-life. Thanks for hosting
Can't comment on all. . .

Joan, Ai - I always enjoy the freshness of your work. You make it look so effortless!

Jeanne - We are all duly impressed by the set up, and the composition and colors work so well. Kudos!