Scavenger Hunt from Life #106: Mar 8 - Mar 16

Well today we are about to drive Iris to her Thai national college Entrance exam. It will be in about 9 subjects in 3 days... We all nervous about it, especially Iris. Pls. send her good vibe.
Many, many good vibes!! Can't believe we've been sketching so long. Feel like it is my granddaughter going for her tests. Woohoo. Best to Iris and to you all!!!
Thanks everyone,

Ai, the rubber ducky is so cute and love the page of sketches. I'm nervous about Iris, too. Ha.

JennieJo, oh, so very colorful and your studio full of colorful paintings. A joy to see.

Joan, great your people fit here. The safety vest is wonderful. Fun to get to sketch models in a variety of places. The soda shop is fun and brings back memories with the juke box selector (don't remember what that is called). And a beauty shop. Wow! The coffee shop sketch is so nice. Love the people and details.

Fletch, hi. Sounds like your time out and about is much like ours, sort of routine chores. Gene starts physical therapy on Monday, 4 days a week so my sketching will be while waiting. It's baseball time, too. That takes hours out of the day. The team is up and down. We forget how young they are.
Jo & Joan : Thanks so much for the good vibe. Iris will have 2 more days of the national test.

#2 soothing ... a fountain at the test location...
Ai, the fountain is great and soothing. Well done. Good luck again to all.

Hi Bongo.

Fletch, thanks for the Hunt. See all y'all on the next one!

Whew, barely made it before midnight. Ha.
This morning I sketched at my footstool with TV on again. Not always the best idea. These are in the BookFactory sketchbook with a Sharpie pen.
Number 8 something hard - Gene's computer
Number 9 something with 4 sides - Remote for AppleTV

Yikes that hunt went by fast. I'll get it up soon!
Sorry! I didn't realize it was already time to post it!
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Joan -- of course not! I just finished writing a new one. Want me to post it for your next one? ( 110, April 9th )