Scavenger Hunt #73 Jun 19- 27

Jo - I like the sketchy feel of the watercolor flowers. Love how you did the bark on the tree. Nice sketch of Gene. Going to try changing photos to black and white, either that or go back to scanning which I have not done in years.

keep sketching
Fletch, hope the MG brought a smile to your face. I had a friend in HS who played guitar and I was hoping to learn from her. It didn't happen. I always admire people with musical talent. Nice lines on your teacup!

Jo, when we were kids my siblings always complained that I had my own beach and they didn't. The beach was Jones Beach.LOL I am a poultry lover and will order duck if it is on the menu. Never tried cooking it. Love all the texture on your tree and the flowers look nice. Hope the heat breaks for you guys.

8 - beach scene - direct watercolors (Not much of a beach day...cloudy with rain threatening and then a spot of sun that lasted a few minutes)


9 - airplane - ink & watercolors

Well done, Jo, Joe, Joe1 and Joan.

Joe: Cool guitar sketch. My fingers did not work well when I had tried guitar.

Joe1: Keep the lines going pls. Cool multiple try out.

Jo: I can feel the easy charming breeze, trees, and flowers embracing you and Gene.

Joan: Fantastic on all, beach, people, classic car, planes, and boats.... super locations and super sketches.
Joan - Once again amazed at how many shades of green you use. Like that you even included the tie downs on the plane. Nice job 👍🏽

Bghisly - like fthis style kind of illustrative. Nicely done.

And Ai posted the reason that made me think about switching to Fletch. “Well done, Jo, Joe, Joe1 and Joan”. LOL


Keep sketching
Joan, Love that you have your own Jones Beach. Ha. You should claim it! Love the beach scene with the flag of course. Super airplane!!

Hi, Ai and Joe, oops, Fletch. Thanks.

Bghisly, awwww, nifty pickup with camper and blue for me!

I sketched like Fletch and stood in the garage. I did lean the sketchbook on the back of the car which is almost upright. Anyway ...
#9 bike - sub Gene's trike hanging in the garage. In the big sketchbook with Micron 03.


Paul, thanks for the Hunt. I had more ideas that I'll save for next time. See all y'all on the new Hunt.
I was so out of time. But I have to share something nice with the pickup. It's from the Man has helped me go to work when I was without car. So it's like a tribute to him, lol
Some strong finishers.... look at all the guitars. I found it interseting no one
had an electric guitar. Makes me think the non-electric guitars are the baby boomers
choice of guitar all well done!

Robin: Cute pet, I had a rabbit as a pet when I was a youmg boy unfortunately
he didnt last too long. Nice job on the plane looks like the C-130 Air Force
Cargo plane. I flew in the back of one from South Carolina to Ankorage Alask
once, now that was scary. Well done guitar.

Thanks.. Nice guitar sketch loved the tea cup, well done... I like the idea of Fletch!

Joan: Thanks... great job on the car. Well done beach scene and air plane.

Jo: Thanks... cute pet!... love your tree sketches and another cup from you collection
I like Gene's trike, all well done

Ai: Thanks

Bighisly and Daughter: Nice vehicle