I don't like my drippy pieces anymore, but I made this around the same time I made Ofrenda.

2010. Oil, paper patterns, embroidery thread stitched on canvas, 40 x 60 inches. (Yes, every single cinnamon Chicklet is outlined in embroidery!)

That's a shame that you no longer like them, because I really like your drippy pieces. :love:
I find it fascinating that you say that you don't like your drippy pieces "any more". (BTW I do like them!) Because sometimes when I look at my old paintings I will think the same thing: I don't like these any more, ie I used to like them but I don't now. I suppose that means that we grow with time and become more self-critical. I guess that's a good thing, but it can feel discouraging, too. Anyway, I like this painting -- it combines your whimsical, playful style with a masterful composition, great color choices, and attention to detail.
Arty, although your oeuvre is varied, your unique handwriting is very recognizable. Nice one!!
Thank you truff, you make some very good points and things to think about. You really do. I'd like to ponder on it. Thank you for the great compliment.

Nufocus, thank you too. :)
I remember seeing these and loved them.
It is not that you don’t like like anymore, just that you have moved on, which is also positive. 🤓