Stay the Course


"Stay the Course," 2023 (still wet! Not the greatest photo), Oil, paper patterns, pencil, and thread stitched on canvas, 24 x 30 inches.

I saw the progress photos of this in another thread and thought how wonderful it is that you are giving an older piece a new life! It turned out beautifully, Ayin! Not only do I love the colors and feet ( stability!) but seeing parts of the former piece give it a sense of history, as if the image evolved over time.
Thank you CaliAnn and Donna. How nice of you both to say. I never know how I feel about a piece when I'm first done with it. I tend to start liking it (or not) after a few days of not looking at it. :) The compliments sure help though! ;)
I love the feet. Well done- nicely balanced and you were completely right about the wider stripes.
Great one Ayin, this is one of those that you can put so many interpretations on. The feet, the bowl shape, the pattern peeking out the bottom. All very interesting. ❤️
I love this! Pattern, colors, and textures all balanced on the little feet. ❤️ All that and stitching, too. Love!!
Thank you JStarr, sno and Terri! I'm very encouraged by all your replies. I'm glad I painted over this one, and now I can go back to my regularly scheduled program. :ROFLMAO:

Thank you so much! ♥️