Queer Mutant Cake Thing


The whole title of this is: Runaway Queer Mutant Cake Thing (No Arms, I'm Lazy).

It's oil and paper stitched on canvas, 48 x 48 inches. (Yes, I know it's strange.)

It certainly invites participation. It's a story for the viewer. The DUH look on the dog is super.
Wow this is a big one! Is that hand stitching and how hard is it to do on canvas? I’m envious of your hand strength! It’s not every day we see runaway cakes so they get our attention! Cool piece!
The heroic scale fits. This comparison may seem odd but think Basquiat. Large scale - you can't ignore it, you have to confront it. You like the shapes and colors, but you can't really make sense out of it, but you stay with it because it's engaging and you know there just has to be a narrative in it somehow.

I prefer your alternate title "No Arms, I'm Lazy".
THANK YOU Wayne, Donna, sno, Bongo JennieJo! You each have said things that are very helpful! It's not so easy for me to create larger scale pieces like this. Large canvases are expensive. Ya gotta think about what the heck you want to put on those.

I've been painting myself as a dog-person over the last year. I couldn't tell you why.

Donna: I have NO hand strength. These are kinda torture to do. It's not easy going back and forth on the easel either, especially my new easel. I had to pull this one all the way to the left and let it hang off so I could get to the back of the canvas. I poke the holes first before I sew it. It's easier, and it gives me a guide (I can see the light shine through it from the other side).

Sno, you always make me laugh -- OUT LOUD! ♥️

Bongo: You make great points. Thank you! I only wish I could make impact like Basquiat!

♥️ to all! Thank you so much!