More of my "Dan" series.

This one is called "Dantasia." 30 x 30 inches, oil paint with pattern paper and embroidery thread stitched on linen canvas. Thanks for looking!

I can't pretend to understand this but it has movement and color so it keeps me looking around. That earth yellow (to my eyes) really carries the piece.
"Dantasia." I love it, you clever person :)

EDIT: Just noticed that that's actual stitching - nice touch!
I hope there will be a "Danotopia" in our future. Also, I submit that you change the name of the site to "Dantasia."
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Thank you EJH, moscatel, Iain, Wayne, and laika! You are all very nice. I will post more Dans here and there since some people seem to enjoy them. ;)
More Dans please! I guess only you know what the Dans are up to in this one as they interact with those big shapes. I'd like to know about the stitching too. Hand stitched? Dantastic!
Thank you everyone! Wow!

Donna, yes, these are hand stitched with embroidery and upholstery threads. I have to make the holes first with push pins so I can see what I'm doing from the back side, then I do the stitching from the front, then the back. I will post more Dans, I promise. :)

Thanks Perry, this one has been in a number of galleries. It's currently at USC in Los Angeles.

Thank you to all! I really appreciate the feedback. :) ♥️ :love:
My sister would love this one. She’s all into stitching. She saw something about embroidery on leaves and here you have it right in your painting. I love it.