Hunt #58 – Feb 19 – Feb 27

Joan, thanks for the Hunt! Nice to see your landscape. Fun that there was a person on the bench. I like your page of items. Love the simple ones and the detail of you sketching. Fun and interesting deli.

Wow, everyone is busy.
Ai, love the fast sketches of mouse and bookshelf. Fun items.

Sylia, my favorite fall back item. You did great on the backlit apples. The ink page with the tulip is beautiful.

Brian, you picked apple as well. The knife looks dangerous ... they always seem that way to me. Well done.

EP is following the trend. I love your cropping. Makes for action.

Paul what a great assortment. The tissue looks real. Kitchen scissors are cool, very useful. The apple theme!! Fun.

I'm off to the dentist and baseball tonight. See if I sketch.
#3 in pieces --our lunch, a grilled chicken avocado wrap...done in directwatercolor
There is a new community art & organics center with a small cafe open in our local orchard called WatPuthabucha. There are a few model sculptures for patrons to borrow to sketch. So I grab and start drawing this bust. I will definitely going back to the place.

#4 with hair ...done with pencil and wc


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great job by all.
Ai , beautiful work with the bust of David
I like WatPuthabucha, it must be a nice place.

You reminded me that I haven't drawn my mini david for a long time, years ago I wanted to buy a bust to draw him and then I bought this 10cm little guy online which was the cheapest.
Ai, your food sketches always send me to the kitchen! The wrap sounds and looks delicious. Your hair is fun. What a great place to find. I like your set up and photo, thanks. What an unusual mouse, do you like it? I love the rich color in your apple and knife.

Sylwia, I love your next to you flowers. Nice colors and lines/hatching, too.

Stephanie, that is a cool knife. Looks ready for the apple. Love your hair as well. Fun.

joe1lt, your snacks look good, too. I'm going for lunch when I finish this post! Nice line work.

I sketched out on the porch in the Ohuhu sketchbook with a Micron o3 and watercolor for the #1 next to you. Then I came in and did the apple in pastels on the Pastelbord where I had the margarita stuff a while back.
#1 next to you - watercolor mini set
#2 crunchy - apple, #3 in slices, another apple
#4 cutting implement - knife




I could be more efficient if I would straighten up my studio......
How did so many posts get added in such a short time? You guys must be working overtime.

Paul, nice collection of sketches. Nice soft look to your tissues. The misspelling on the name of the chocolates won't affect their taste. lol I could test them for you, but it is too late. I gave up chocolate for Lent. Serious work on those scissors.

Jo, thanks so much. I should have put more outdoor items on the list since I do them more often. lol Your whole and sliced apples look great! Nice that the knife matches.

Ai, you are becoming the master of direct watercolors of food. That chicken avocado wrap looks absolutely delicious! How fun that the cafe provides busts for the artists to borrow! Nice shading on that! I've never seen a vertical it easier on your hands? Nice work on the apple and the knife.

Sylwia, what lovely flowers to have near you!

Stephanie, what a great little knife inside your sketching kit. I used to keep one in mine but for some reason it is missing. They do come in handy. Love the little figure with the green hair!!

Joe, thanks. Glad you added some sketches. Are the tarallini cookies? You always have goodies that are different than what we have here.

I went out earlier and did some small sketches for here.
9 - rocks - watercolors and ink


10 - gate at the beach - watercolors and ink


11 - outdoor fun - watercolors and ink

Now it is a trend for Bangkok restaurants to put some kind of dye in the pond water, to make it look greenier than the regular light brown. Luckily, the water is still Ok with the fishes in the pond. :unsure:

#8 waterview -- a view of our local garden+noodle shop with a small pond in the middle... done in directwatercolor

Thank you all for your kind words of my humble arts.

Uhm... I think I'm running out of words to comment to each of you individually. May I say that your artworks make my day. They are so amazing in different styles and have their own time piece intimate record quality. My applaud goes to: Joan, Jo, Joe1, Stephanie, Sylwia, EP, Paul, and Brian.

Jo & Joan:
Yes, I like my new vertical mouse. If you are working on lots of document editing and/or doc. reading, it should be very nice to your wrist. I saw one of our dept. admin lady using it. So I just bought one. However, there are 4 buttons in which I only use the two major common buttons so far. I don't have time to investigate yet what could those extra buttons do.
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Joan, you are right, lots of sketching goin' on. I like your watercolor rocks, haven't tried that yet. Nice gate and the outdoor fun is clever and well done.

Ai, your waterview and sketch is wonderful. Great places to eat and sketch. Interesting about the colored water. Hmmm.

I sketched on the porch in the ArtStreet sketchbook with a Micron 03, pretty quickly.

Number 5-9 rocks, pump spray, water view, found outside and medicine cabinet

Thre for me.... View from window of my YMCA in Peabody. There is a room on the second floor for stretching that I look out all the time.
I found my ink and water brushes and took a page from Ned.....

#8: Water View --- stream out back of YMCA
#9. Rocks --- in the stream
#10 Found out side ---- trees.

Jo: Do you like Art street sketchbook? Does it do well with wc, or is it more like for a quick pen-wash, mixed media type ?

Paul: Your water view is beautiful and serene to look at. Excellent captured.
JoC. interesting list👍

Thought of you all everyday but couldn’t manage to sketch or comment. It has been good to see everyone’s sketches and comments though, hope to sketch some soon👋🥰
Ai: Thanks. Nice sketch of mouse, well done collection of items on your book case,
that avocado wrap looks delicious bet you enjoyed that. Great art center you found
nice choice for hair well done. Interesting vertical mouse never saw one of those before
Nice watercolor work on the apple and knife, nice pond, I miss the Thai landscape

Joan: Thanks..... great landscape with water view and lady on bench your use of color
and value is always spot on, nice assortment of items found in somethings
my favorite was the found next to me great detail, gourmet deli looks inviting.
Well shaped rock and color. Looks like the Moms are having a great time at the
park I only give up things I don't like for lent, not sure that is a great idea but
it works for me. The box of chocolates were already empty, sorry none for you. My wife is a chocolate
lover. She leaves me the ones she doesn't like, this year that was a grand total
of two, yes two, chocolates. I got the two the coconut cream.

Sylwia: Well done apples and I like the touch of the small flower, like the ink and watercolor pencils
used for the flowers and vase with flowers I particularly like your ink work

Brian: Another great sketch great detail on the knife.

Eyepaint: All your sketches are well done the car is my favorite

Jo: Thanks... nice watercolor kit, like how you set up the apple into slices great color
Like your studio do you think you have enough art supplies? Looks like you had some
well spent time on your porch nice assortment of sketches great found items

Stephanie: Well done knife for cutting implement nice line work and I like
the use of the colored pencils. Cute Troll I remember those from my niece
they were real popular one Christmas I recall.

joe1lt: Nice sketches I like the remote the best well done