Fruit Bowl


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A second attempt at glass, this time a bowl. 4x6" I’ve learned a few things in the last few days, among which is the fact that I have a ways to go painting alla prima!
Thanks for looking, crits and comments welcome.
2021-06-07 18.56.19.jpg
There's that blue again. ;) ❤️ To get truly transparent glass, it is easier with a very small brush for the edges and a larger one for the shine.(y)
Sno, thanks, and for the suggestions.
That may be the last on that Frederix paper though I may gesso a bit more and work on it again.

Thanks, Trier.
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Very nice! I think that brilliant blue actually lends itself well to capturing the glass.
Artyczar, thanks.
Besides wanting more time on alla prima, I learned some about color mixing.
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