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Hi guys,

wanted to paint this still life a while ago, sometime in 2022 - but didn't have enough time to do it from life, so I took a photo and saved it for later. Most of the work was from life (for quite some time now) but since I'm exploring new ways, why not re-use this image and see how it's going to turn out. It is 50cm by 40cm or 20" by 15" and done in 2 sittings since I didn't have enough time to do it at once, something just came up; idea is to do alla prima as much as I can, no blending, load the brush with paint and leave it alone... or something like that :)

I don't have many WIP shots, but still will post something bellow as well as some "detail" shots... now I'm getting more and more convinced that there is no need to go into hard labor (unless you really want to go towards copying real life, which presents a challenge in itself and good exercise) in order to create color, value even atmosphere with as little as possible. A lot of people say that we fill in the blank in our eyes when looking at the painting, so in detail shots you'll see that there is mostly only 2 or 3 values but at the end it works (in my humble opinion). Of course, I'm aware of the concept and seen it, but doing it - well, that's something else.

Ok, no need for long posts - hope everyone is well and till next time... Take care!




Detail 1.png
Detail 6.png
Detail 2.png
Detail 3.png
Detail 4.png
Detail 5.png
Fabulous still life! Very nice composition. I agree with your observations above, and here you are showing how it's done! It's okay not to have the WIP pics - when you forget, these closeups are terrific to have. Love seeing the detail.

Love it!!
Very well done. 👍Your control of light, shadow, and value is very well studied. Nothing wrong with photographs as long as one doesn’t paint the actual photograph with all its errors and you obviously are above those errors. This is a good journey you have started and I look forward to seeing your work a year from now. Less is best when it says more. Suggestion allows the viewer to become part of the creation and since they are finishing the piece they will like it.
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A master class in still life! Thank you for sharing this.
@Terri , thank you... much appreciated!
@Enyaw , thank you Wayne, totally agree with less is more... we'll see where it goes.
@Bongo , thank you Bongo, really appreciate your comment.
@Joy , thank you Joy, you are too kind!

All the best guys...

I like red and blue!! Beautifully done. The texture on the bowl is amazing. Touches my old fashioned heart.
Another beauty, Zoran! Your Clementine piece is also gorgeous and thanks so much for the details and progress shots.
Just excellent, Zoran. You are good enough with values that even painting looser, you excel. ❤️ Wish I could loosen up, but it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.:LOL:
@joe1It , thank you Joe!
@Jo Castillo , thank you Jo, ha - at least I'm not the only one old fashioned :)
@Artyczar thank you Ayin, always so kind...
@Donna T , thank you - your comments are too kind, thank you again.
@snoball , hey sno - thank you for your kind comment - ha, trying to break the rule about the old dog and new tricks :)

Wish you all the best and have a great weekend!

@gbritnell , apologies for late reply... thank you for your kind comment... really appreciate it! I was so consumed into this subforum that I missed all the great staff that you produce - from mini engines (and they are incredible) to the Labrador painting. Such a prolific work, great staff. Thanks again and all the best!